Parks and Recreation Board to meet Wednesday

April 1, 2016 By:InstantNewsWestu Staff



The City of West University Place Park and Recreation Board will meet Wednesday April 6 at 6:30 p.m. for their regularly scheduled meeting.

The board will hear an update on the following:

  • Park acquisition
  • Colonial Park redevelopment
    • Redevelopment of the west end of Colonial Park.
  • Parks master planning
  • Fitness stations a the WUP Recreation Center trail
  • Children sink step-ups at the WUP Recreation Center and Colonial Park pool
  • West-side parking upgrades on the WUP Recreation Center campus.

The meeting will take place at the WUP Recreation Center at 4210 Bellaire.



10 Responses to “Parks and Recreation Board to meet Wednesday”

  1. Ted Ferguson Says:

    “…We need strong board members who are willing to do the right thing, which is allow every citizen a park within walking distance from their home in WUP.”

    EVERY park in West U. is within walking distance. The city is only 2 square miles. Hell, the new park in Bellaire will be within walking distance for West U. residents. Want a park that’s closer than that? Grow some plants in your backyard and add a bench.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ted, obviously you do not know what leadership is telling citizens in meetings. Every citizen should have a park within a 10 minute walk from their home. You can’t walk this city in 10 minutes! Do you want granny to walk the streets in the heat of the day looking for green space? Don’t look for green space in WUP! The west side of WUP obviously feels privileged, they have parks within a 10 minute walk. Leadership does not seem concerned about fair park distribution, or fairness period. So Ted, you can barricade yourself in your yard, sitting on a bench, believing you can protect yourself and take care of yourself in you domain. You sound like a recluse to me.

      • Ted Ferguson Says:

        Granny is walking to the park? Poor granny. No one will give her a ride? I’d say she has bigger problems than a park.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Ted, you are cruel in thinking granny doesn’t need to get out and walk a little. I’d hate to be your granny! Parks are to be within walking distance from everyone, not just in one section of WUP. It’s time to consider voting for people who understand the concept of “The will of the people”, and “fiscal responsibility”. Citizen input falls on deaf ears.

          • Ted Ferguson Says:

            “Ted, you are cruel in thinking granny doesn’t need to get out and walk a little.”

            So let her walk a little to one of the parks we already have. She’ll be fine. She survived the Germans.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Ted, you’re not listening. WUP parks are NOT within a 10 minute walk from every citizen. I see you don’t mind discriminating against people. You don’t care if some citizens get services and others don’t. You seem to only be concerned with yourself. Do you work for WUP?

          • Ted Ferguson Says:

            No, and I don’t understand why you’re obsessed with a “10 minute” walking distance. Is this an A.D.A. standard that you can cite, some obscure federal law, or what are you basing this on? What law can you cite that requires this? An elderly person may not get far in 10 minutes, but I can walk clear across the city in that time. 10 minutes at what speed and for whom? A “10 minute walk” sounds like an arbitrary standard that you have pulled out of thin air for the purpose of creating a solution to a nonexistent problem. Explain this nonsense.

    • Dreama Says:

      That’s a skillful answer to a dilcifuft question

  2. Lifes_not_Fare Says:

    West Side is the best side! No new parks for the east!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    No one is listening to the will of the people in WUP! Parkland is mostly on the west side of WUP. Stop spending money on the west side until park land is obtained on the east side of WUP! The budget has money to maintain parks on the west side. It is discrimination to exclude citizens on the east side from park land within walking distance! We need new leadership who FAIRLY distributes resources! Maybe a new Parks Board with fair minded people are needed also. We need board members who don’t just cater to the parks director. We need strong board members who are willing to do the right thing, which is allow every citizen a park within walking distance from their home in WUP.

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