Church, Newspaper, Democrats Host Candidates Forum

April 7, 2015 By:George Boehme

Local News

West University Methodist Church, at 3611 University Blvd., will have a City Council and Mayoral Candidate Forum on Wednesday, April 8, at 7pm.

The forum will be jointly hosted by the West University Methodist Church, West U Democrats, and the Village News. Tom Koch from Channel 13 will moderate the forum.

At 8pm the questioning will end. Everyone will then be invited to the parlor for informal conversation over coffee and cookies until 9pm.

10 Responses to “Church, Newspaper, Democrats Host Candidates Forum”

  1. Says:

    Unfortunately, our esteemed Mayor must have been out of the country and unable to attend the Forum

  2. Fact Checker Says:

    I wouldn’t think that they’ve been divorced more than about 30 years.

    • Real Says:

      Get this straight liberal fact checker, the Ballanfant news has provided MSNBC like biased coverage in this debate. Even if they are divorced, her coverage of her ex Mayor Marlowe St. has been very favorable.

      • Fact Checker Says:

        All I did was point out that that Burt and Kathleen haven’t been married for at least the 25 years that I’ve known of either of them.

        What about that makes me “liberal”?

  3. Lucille Gallman Says:

    It should be helpful to residents to be able to meet with the candidates in small groups after the forum and express their opinions and ask questions. It is unfortunate that in a previous meeting some residents were asked to leave.

  4. anticommercialstructuresinresidentialzonedareas Says:

    Does it bug anyone else that Beneke’s position is that it would be a good thing (reduced traffic) if West U elementary was forced to send children of city residents to other schools, but he’s in favor of the WUBC youth center, bringing in more traffic and kids from outside of the City of West U? I’m guessing he doesn’t have any kids about to enter elementary school and would likely have sent them private anyway.

    The elementary enrollment issue is a big deal with the potential to impact resident’s property values more that most other things being discussed, but most of the candidates seem pretty blase about it. If they had seen the huge lines of parents queueing up before 6am to enroll their kids on the first day of enrollment, they might appreciate the interest in this issue better

    • Lucille Gallman Says:

      If I was a young parent, I would be asking questions about West U Elementary School. It has always been taken for granted, as was Pershing. Today, West U Elementary is not too different from what I and my kids attended. In my opinion, Pershing is much different. In 1970, my kids were enrolled and involved in the Glendale California School System. We returned to Texas on a Saturday and on Monday morning I was standing in the principal’s office of West U Elementary and they started that day. Now that is a neighborhood school. I think the wagons should be circling. The candidates at the Forum appreciate the school. Hopefully, some in attendance will ask questions. This is off the subject, but some may be interested as I was. In the stationery section of Bering’s, there are a few of the “Images of America” books that print the story of different sections of the Houston area. Yesterday, I happened to see one on “Southside Place” which I haven’t seen before.

    • Stop the bigoted church haters Says:

      You’re a liberal church hater. You have no idea what the new youth bldg will do And like most lefties, dont want to read anything that challenges your bias. The church is adding what 80 parking spots. Where would the city be without use of church land that they use already. But no, you want to take their land away from them. You people need help.

      • anticommercialstructuresinresidentialzonedareas Says:

        Nice try – actually a republican who cares about property rights. I hope somebody builds a parking lot next to your house on single family residential zoned land and let’s see how much you like that.

  5. Says:

    Fry is likely out of the country and cannot attend . . . . .

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