West U voting locations, sample ballots

February 29, 2016 By:George Boehme

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political logoThe polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

West U Democratic sample ballot

West U Republican sample ballot


All West University Place Democrats vote at the same place –
West University Community Building
6104 Auden Street, at Rice Boulevard


West University Place Republicans vote at one of four locations, based on your precinct. If you don’t know your precinct number, it is located on your voter registration card.

Precinct 15
Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
5308 Buffalo Speedway, at Bissonnet Street.

Precinct 87
West University Elementary School
3756 University Boulevard, at Edloe Street.

Precinct 133
West University Scout House
6108 Edloe Street, at Rice Boulevard.

Precinct 183
West University Senior Building
6104 Auden Street, near Rice Boulevard.

12 Responses to “West U voting locations, sample ballots”

  1. Nice Neighbor Says:


    Let’s say you’ve underestimated the anger out in the general electorate and Trump becomes president. You will be able to pat yourself on the back and say you had a hand in getting him elected. Nobody knows how this is going to play out in November. Some of Sander’s supporters (shocking to me) overlap with Trump. When he’s out, the polls will change. Especially with any (or no) indictments against Hillary. All I’m saying is I will always vote my conscience, rather than out of some partisan scheme to screw the other side.

    • Jim Shields Says:

      Thanks Nice

      I too vote my conscience. What I should have said is that I am a Rockefeller Republican and always have been. My first presidential vote was for Nixon and I repeated that vote four years later. That was the last so called Republican I voted for.

      Back then all the crazy bigots were democrats. You may remember some of them – Jesse Helms, Lester Mattox, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, Phil Gramm, and on and on. Then LBJ signed the voting and civil rights acts and all of the racists switched parties. So did I.

      Say what you may, Carter, Clinton and Obama are, like me, Rockefeller republicans. We have never had Obamacare. We have Romneycare. Granted a real Obamacare would be much better. Medicare for all like Nixon wanted.

      My point is, the Republican party is now so far to the right that it is unrecognizable to me. Evidence, reason, and logic play no part.

      Just look at the people who vote against their own interest when they vote Republican. The red states receive more federal dollars than they pay in taxes and the blue states pay more in taxes to subsidize the red states. Yet the red states want to cut taxes and do away with government.

      When JEB said that he could find no place where people are better off now than they were when Obama took office – and people believed him!!! How is that possible?

      I vote in the republican primary following my conscience – I want to speed it’s (the Republican Party) demise so I can get my party back.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Nice Neighbor,
      I agree that there is much anger out there. Can’t blame the public when they are lied to by those seeking political office, can you? Even in this small community, our leaders made promises they did not keep! They vote for policy changes to target individuals who may be outspoken. They refuse services to taxpayers who they target. Fair? Of course not. Our “leaders” are not fair, not compassionate, not just, and do not care about the will of the people. How can they sleep at night knowing they are punishing their “people” in a cruel and unusual way that never ends? This leadership seems to be a joke to surrounding communities, using words like “pretentious”. WUP citizens MUST vote these so called leaders out of office when the time comes. We need fiscally responsible leadership who uses a carrot, not a stick. This community needs leadership who puts taxpayers first, not as a footnote.

  2. Jim Shields Says:

    Here is an observation from Tuesday’s voting.

    I am a democrat and I think that Trump will be crushed by Hillary. So I voted in the Republican primary for Trump. My wife voted in the Democratic primary. After we each voted we compared notes.

    I told my wife that the people in the Republican line did not speak – except in one instance where an angry man thought someone had cut in line. It felt creepy to me. The mood in the room was anger.

    My wife said that in her room, people were chatting and laughing and behaving like friendly neighbors. The mood was happy.

    I suspect the Anonymous is a Republican.

    • Clown Toucher Says:

      I suspect that Anonymous has a collection of Highlights magazines that fills one room of their house.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Jim, don’t be so sensitive. Just because folks don’t speak in a voting arena, doesn’t mean anything. You are reading way too much into what you see. I hope Trump wins. Hillary does not have a great track record. You need to go deeper into the issues, not be so concerned about superficial chatting in public.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Vote for Trump, who demonstrates that he believes in the first amendment. Don’t vote for Sarah Davis, who demonstrates she does not believe in limited government or citizens civil rights! When one citizen is targeted by the government, this is an abuse of power. We ALL suffer! Good leadership supports EVERY citizen. Good leadership changes laws that are not good for their citizens. Good leadership is not just about self promotion, their own agenda, or personal gain. We need a change in leadership!

    • Clown Toucher Says:

      We need a change in commenters. The same anonymous post, over and over, in the comments section of every story, is getting quite tedious. We’ve got it: you’re upset about something. Get over it, quit pestering people, and move on with your life.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Did you live in some country that does not allow freedom of speech? In this country, we ARE allowed to express our views, like it or not!

        • Clown Toucher Says:

          You’ve expressed your view repeatedly on every news story. We understand your view, and are tired of hearing it. Go find something else to occupy your time with. There’s a hospital with sick children a few miles down the road. Go take some of your extra time and energy, and use it for something constructive.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Who are “we”? Are you speaking for others, or do you feel you have the right to put your views on others? They can speak for themselves. I will express my views just as you express your views. WUP is a city full of people who could express their views. I suspect your dislike for the constitution and first amendment rights, may have caused others to shy away from speaking their thoughts. Shame on you! I suggest you stop trying to CONTROL others, what they think and what they say. Freedom of speech is something to support, not what you suggest!

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