Time to go green again in West U as yard waste recycling returns

February 29, 2016 By:Charlotte Aguilar

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recycle_webAfter nearly a decade’s absence, green waste recycling has returned to West University Place.

The city’s existing recycling program already successfully diverts more than 25% of the residential garbage from the landfill. Recycling yard waste will likely increase the diversion rate to more than 40%.


Yard waste will be collected once a week on your regularly scheduled recycle day. For example: if your curbside recycling day is Monday, then your yard waste recycling will be collected on Monday as well.

It is also important to note that this program will require the use of Kraft paper bags or compostable plastic bags. If you use a yard service company, and they work in the City of Houston, chances are they are already using the compostable bags however you may want to verify. Kraft paper bags are available at most grocery stores.

Any material that is not properly bagged in paper bags or the compostable plastic bags will not be collected.

MAKE A NOTE…green waste will be collected on your regularly scheduled recycle collection day. If you use a lawn maintenance service, now is a good time to let them know of the collection day.

For more information about the program, please visit or contact Public Works at 713-662-5839 or email

7 Responses to “Time to go green again in West U as yard waste recycling returns”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jim, if you are disabled and have trouble taking out your trash, contact the Senior Center, not the trash people, to sign up for special trash pick up. When you do this, you can fill out a form giving any staff in the city permission to contact your doctor to get private medical information. Did I mention that WUP staff freely talk about citizens? I was told by Senior Center staff that a Senior has “memory problems”. Private information is documented and handed out to Senior Board members and visitors! With all the lawyers in this city, you would think they would be respectful of privacy laws! Jim, your just another example of the lack of compassion to Seniors in WUP. My trash was at the curb and did not get picked up on the appropriate trash day. Citizens in this community should wake up to the changes in policy that hurt seniors.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    WUP place needs to stop charging more and more for less and less. Now the city workers decided they are not picking up mattresses. (Of course, our city leadership caters to paid staff’s every whim). They decided not to have a day to pick up heavy trash. City worker did get a generous raise. City Council gives worker “gold standard” benefits, despite the continuing reduction of services. We need an option to “opt out” of expensive city services. If it cost more to pick up than it is worth, it’s time to rethink things. Seniors don’t need to pay rising cost for trash when they consistently have reducing amounts of trash. Vote for new leadership that will increase and improve services, not reduce services.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This program is a sham! We tried this program previously, it was too costly! What has changed? Citizens will be seeing an increase in cost so this City Council can say this city recycles? Seniors will be paying additional cost for bags, etc. Can granny understand what is required? The cost rises when additional trucks are to be purchased and maintained. Trucks clutter our crowded street, polluting the air. Oh, don’t forget about the additional cost to hire someone to manage recycling, plus the cost of extra workers. Is WUP leadership interested in doing the most cost effective job for its citizens, or do they want to put costly programs into effect that will put a feather in their cap? We need leadership who is fiscally responsive to the citizens of WUP, not just to put programs into effect that make THEM look good. Vote for new leadership when the time comes.

  4. Donna Field Says:

    Since most yard men come on the weekend that means that you have to wait until Thursday to put your recycling out. That is really stupid. this means we all need to change our yard men to accommodate this lovely new system-give me a break.

    • Jim Shields Says:

      I told my yard man to leave the bags behind my house and I would take them to the curb on recycling day. I am disabled and it is difficult for me to do this but if needed, any one of my friendly neighbors would be happy to help me.

      Why are you so cranky about a good service?

  5. Why Not? Says:

    Sad to drive down the street today and see those with bags (right one and wrong ones) at curbside on Monday (when recycling day is Thursday) here. Will be even sadder to see them leave these bags at curbside until Thursday.

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