Reilly Enters Council Race

February 20, 2015 By:Anne Marie Kilday

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Brennan Reilly, a West U resident who has been a leading opponent of the city’s so-called “Super Block,” officially filed as a candidate Friday for the West U City Council.

Reilly also opposes a proposed new zoning ordinance for commercial properties in the city.

In particular, Reilly has spoken out against a provision in the proposed zoning ordinance that would allow property owners in the new “Town Center Commercial District” to opt out of the new zoning rules by seeking a special exception from the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

That proposed new ordinance will be considered for preliminary approval Monday by the West U City Council.

The council also has scheduled an executive session Monday on real estate transactions with West U Baptist Church. Although the council is not expected to take any action, the real estate deal is part of a long-range master plan for city facilities.

The plan for a new campus of municipal buildings on the block bordered by University, Auden, Amherst and College Streets would require the city to “swap” land now owned by the church on Amherst St. for city-owned property on Milton.

Reilly has joined several other West U residents, including former Mayor Bob Kelly, in opposing the deal with the church.


12 Responses to “Reilly Enters Council Race”

  1. West U's Future Says:

    We need councilmembers who will stand up to bullies who hide behind religion. The proposed deal with the church is bad for West U. I hate to say this, but the church is acting like a bully. If this deal involved a private business, everybody would be hopping mad. A bad deal is a bad deal, even when it involves a church. We need Reilly. He’s right for West U. If the current council approves the deal … let’s vote for a new council that will kill the deal.

  2. Sally Jones Says:

    Where is Kelly and when is he going to file for mayor? We need him.

  3. Brennan Reilly Says:


    If you are going to comment with lies and trash talk, why don’t you use your real name so your friends and neighbors can be ashamed of you.

    I am not “against” a church youth center. I am against the City trading valuable property and buildings for land it does not need and will not use. I am against the City raising taxes to pay the millions of dollars it will cost to rebuild facilities that don’t need to be replaced.

    My girls have played and continue to play youth sports. I’ve been a coach and coordinator for years. I’m an advocate for youth sports, not an opponent.

    I’m running for City Council to restore reasoned, public consideration of issues before undertaking dramatic action. I guess you won’t participate since you prefer to remain anonymous.

  4. proreligionwestu Says:

    This is one of the scariest candidates of the slate from a religious perspective. He has already said that his slate of candidates will condemn church property and take it from them to stop their growth. His slate will be passing laws that will forever hinder religious activities in the city. Unfortunately they do have a handful of loud anti-religion followers. Everyone will need to vote in the election otherwise this city is going down the drain.

    • Brennan Reilly Says:

      Am I scary because I’m Catholic and an active member of St. Vincent de Paul Church? I thought John Kennedy made anti-Catholic bigotry uncool.

      If proreligionwestu is a real person and not a fictional character, why don’t you reveal yourself so that your neighbors can be ashamed of your bigotry and lies.

      This next part is addressed to the owner of this website. George why don’t you turn off anonymous commenting for the duration of the upcoming City Council campaign so that this sort of gutter trash won’t be published? The City is facing a number of very important, real issues, like the tax increases that will occur if the City goes through with the proposed land swap. Let’s talk about the real issues.

      • Lucille Gallman Says:

        In my opinion, one very important real issue the City is facing just surfaced involving changes to West U Elementary School.

        • Sonny B Says:

          I absolutely agree. The density of housing on the West U perimeter is getting more concering each year. We must have a council that protects the outstanding elementry school we have for our children. We need to rezone and build a suitable addition to our school so we can accomadate our residence. We need to stand up the HISD.

      • proreligionwestu Says:

        All anyone has to do is listen to his words when he spoke at council meetings against the church. The city keeps all the recordings. The truth shall set you free Riley

  5. Says:

    A seat for someone like Brennan Reilly is needed on City Council. Hope he wins.

  6. David Says:

    Brennan will be a great addition to City Council!

  7. Helena Says:

    Thank you for correcting the spelling.

  8. Helena Says:

    It’s spelled REILLY. This website sure has trouble reporting facts accurately.

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