West U police chase has cars, dogs and a whirlybird

February 25, 2016 By:George Boehme

Local News

west u policeOn February 19, the West University Place Police Department received a 911 phone call about a car break-in in the 2500 block of Dunstan (City of Houston). The call was transferred to the Houston Police Department for response.

A West U officer located the caller. During their conversation, the witness spotted the two suspects driving past them in a gray Buick Le Sabre. The West U officer tried to stop the suspects but they sped away.

As the suspects were fleeing the area, several other West U officers were arriving and a police chase began.
The suspect vehicle drove south through West University Place and ended when the driver came to the dead end of the roadway in the 3600 block of Corondo.

Both suspects bailed from the vehicle and sprinted southbound toward the 3600 block of Bellaire Blvd. with West U officers following close behind. As the suspects and the officers were running across Bellaire Blvd., one of the West U officers was struck by a car and knocked to the ground – the two suspects kept running.

One of the suspects was apprehended during the pursuit. The second subject, who is suspected as the driver of the vehicle, was able to get away despite an area wide search involving multiple law enforcement agencies, a K-9 unit and the Houston Police Department’s helicopter.

The officer that was struck by the vehicle was transported to the hospital for evaluation of what turned out to be minor, superficial injuries and was released a short time later. A search of the vehicle left by the suspects was the loot from the vehicle burglaries. One suspect in custody, the other is still at-large.

9 Responses to “West U police chase has cars, dogs and a whirlybird”

  1. Tyrion Lannister Says:

    “bailed” from the vehicle? Nice, George.

  2. Wolfgang Says:

    Many times WUPD assists with calls in Houston side of Kirby. It only makes sense as these criminals will cross Kirby and commit crimes in our city. If they can be caught before that, fantastic. This was a case where our folk paid attention to the radio and were able to defend our bity border. Thank you WUPD for your superior service and assistance to Houston. May your officer see a very speedy recovery.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Who’s guarding WUP while the police are gallivanting off to other cities. Is this why WUP citizens are attacked in their homes and garages? I see WUP police in Chicken Kitchen, the bike shop, at various eateries, etc. WUP police should be patrolling WUP, not doing personal errands or running across the street in Bellaire where they are injured and are of no use to anyone! Safety first!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Are you saying WUP are not allowed to cross Kirby to eat and run errands on their breaks?

        • Anonymous Says:

          How much time do the police have to “run errands”? A break is usually 15 minutes. If someone is driving a police car to “run errands”, they are taking longer than their allotted break time. Police can “run errands” on their personal time! And, how much time do they get for lunch? If they drive outside WUP in a patrol car, is this reasonable use of tax resources?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I suppose it is time for a class on How To Safely Cross the Street. Was the suspect ever in WUP, or were the WUP police out of WUP? I think there is more to this story than is revealed.

    • Wolfgang Says:

      Well, if WUPD is across the street catching the bad guys that will be crossing the street to rob our own citizens, then let’s get them on the Houston side. Sometime, no, most times the best defense is a good offense. If WUPD can nab the bad guys before they infiltrate the city, I support them entirely. I don’t appreciate the rant about “safely cross the street” as I am sure you haven’t chased a bad guy across a busy street before. I’ll bet it’s not an easy task. Last, the big issue at hand is out WUPD folks are very good at their jobs thus causing our citizens to live in a “bubble” as they deserve, but the art of awareness is put in the closet and folks don’t report suspicious events making it hard to keep out those that infiltrate.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What about the “bad guys” inside WUP? Citizens who have been assaulted, robbed, stalked, or otherwise been a victim need WUP police to focus on WUP citizens. The police where not around when the citizens was robbed at gunpoint by a gang of thugs. This was a short distance from the police station. The WUP police were not around when a citizens was assaulted in her garage! Is it more important for the police to be in Bellaire, at the hospital for injuries crossing the street in Bellaire, or doing “errands” outside WUP than to be on duty in this city where they have a responsibility to it’s citizens? When someone is killed, do they get off the hook because they had to “run an errand”? The WUP police have a basic job of guarding WUP and its citizens. If they want to work for the city of Bellaire, fill out an application! Otherwise, just DO YOUR JOB!

        • Wolfgang Says:

          I suspect that since you obviously can do their job better, aka armchair quarterback, you will be completing an application. I see it is posted on the West U home page. You seem oblivious that West U folks drive on Kirby, Holcombe, and Bissonnet. Maybe we should keep them off those streets as well. Good luck with the application process. I look forward to hearing about your progress!

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