Rotary Club of West U Selects New Officers and Director

December 16, 2013 By:West U News Staff


Congratulations to the new 2014-15 officers and director of the Rotary Club of West U.

The club elected Carol Lester as Vice President, Vernon Tyger as Club Secretary, John Gomez as Board Secretary, Stacy Speier as Treasurer.  The club also elected John Thornton to serve a three-year term as a Club Director.  While the officers serve one-year terms, Carol will move on to be President Elect in 2015-16 and President in 2016-17.

2 Responses to “Rotary Club of West U Selects New Officers and Director”

  1. Kathy Kokas Says:

    Since 1989 women have become members of Rotary Clubs. West U Rotary has had a number of female Club Presidents.

  2. LHG Says:

    I am really behind the times. I didn’t know that women could be members in Rotary Clubs.

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