City Receives Prestigious Financial Transparency Award

December 13, 2013

Local News

The Texas Comptroller has awarded the City of West University Place with its prestigious  2013 GOLD Leadership Circle Award. This honor is reserved for those cities that set the bar for financial transparency to the public.

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs says that the City of West University Place sets the standard for financial transparency by providing citizens with a clear. consistent picture of spending and sharing information in a user-friendly format. Combs said that West U sets a strong example for other governmental entities to follow.

West University City Manager Michael Ross is proud of this award. “It has been our goal to release as much financial information as we legally can to our residents,” said Ross, “And we are happy the State Comptroller has recognized us for this effort.”

“Your listing on our “Texas Transparency” website now displays the GOLD seal to indicate that you have received this award,” said Combs, “Congratulations on your success in moving forward on financial transparency and joining our Leadership Circle.”

4 Responses to “City Receives Prestigious Financial Transparency Award”

  1. Give me Liberty... Says:

    Milton, why do you always see black helicopters flying above your head? And Wayne Dolchefino was fired. I believe the city has to vote, in public, to sell the land so it is not like anything can happen in secret.

  2. miltonwatchdog Says:

    I guess when we find out who the developer is that is buying the recycling plant land, we will know more about why our recycling program was abandoned. Where is Wayne Dolchefino when we need him?

  3. John Paul Jones Says:

    Try and get financial information from the HISD….it is impossible. When you request financial info from West u they bury you in data.

    And the only way the city can sell land is with a vote of the city council.

  4. Brian Says:

    How about this for financial transparency: Who is the city of West-University selling the land where the recycling plant is? Seems as if city council has a buyer all lined up yet won’t disclose it…

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