West U Massage Parlor Investigated for Prostitution

June 21, 2013 By:InstantNewsWestu Staff

Crime Reports

Suspicions have been raised in the community about illegal activity happening at West U’s only massage parlor.

Avi Spa, 4108 Bellaire Blvd.

Avi Spa, 4108 Bellaire Blvd.

Avi Spa, located at 4108 Bellaire Blvd. near the West University Place Recreation Center, has been investigated numerous times since January for suspicious activity, according to police records.

The spa is West U’s only massage parlor and has been in at its location since early this year. Since opening, police have been called to the business on multiple occasions, according to information obtained through a public information request.

On Jan. 12, police were called to investigate a suspicious vehicle. Days later on Jan. 16, police investigated a simple assault case between two co-workers.

In February, police were contacted regarding suspicious activity at the massage parlor, specifically prostitution, according to a West U police report.

“Police learned of possible suspicious activity occurring in the 4100 block of Bellaire. An investigation was initiated regarding any possible city ordinance violations and or criminal activity that may be occurring. During this time, police also received a call from a citizen, reporting suspicious activity from the same area. The concern is regarding illegal business practices, merely speculation at this time, but wanted police to be aware of it,” the report states.

During the same month that police was investigating Avi Spa for possible criminal activity, the business posted a couple advertisements on offering specials for massages.

“We are offering various treatments according to your individual needs(Swedish,Soft to Medium to Deep Tissue,Sports Massage). Comfortable clean private rooms, Pleasant music, Clean linens and peaceful environment. We take MALE, FEMALE and COUPLE Massage,” one of their ads states. “Open 10am to 10pm 7 days a week, EASY PARKING front and rear.” is a classified advertising website, similar to Craigslist.

In March, the business was cited by the City of West University Place for violating three city ordinances including “failure to display massage license where advertised,” “owner of massage establishment fail to employ only reg. massage therapists to perform massage,” and for “fail as a massage therapist to obtain a certificate of registration from the Texas Department of Health.”

10 Responses to “West U Massage Parlor Investigated for Prostitution”

  1. Johnnotajohn Says:

    No! Please don’t make them go. My friend has craved the touch of a woman since his wife died. Due to his disabilities he is not able to out and date or spend too much time away from home base in West U..
    It’s been nine years since anyone touched me in anything other than an accidental manner. Then Avi Spa opened. What a blessing. He takes fewer anti-depressants now, thanks to the simple touch of another human being. Please don’t take this away from him. I am begging you.

  2. Bozette Clown Says:

    You’re all a bunch of lazy whores in West U, anyway, and just jealous there are whores who actually work for their $$$.

  3. anon Says:

    West U needs full release and happy endings too. Welcome to the big city. You can’t hide forever.

  4. Wow Says:

    This place backs off to home and is about 30 yards from the recreation center. This place needs to get closed ASAP

  5. Sharpshooter Says:

    the city should do whatever it takeS to close this place down. it cannot be that hard to do

  6. Give me Liberty... Says:

    It is difficult to understand why the West U police allow hookers to continue to turn tricks in West U. This had been going on since since Christmas. I drove by the place and Stevie Wonder could see it is a whorehouse from the street. The West U police should put the donuts away for awhile and go shut this place down. Quit monkeying around.

  7. bozoclown Says:

    4 comments so far:

    1) racist
    2) prudish
    3-4) jokers

    ……these are my west u neighbors, folks….

  8. Give me Liberty... Says:

    Good news for me. I like to be able to walk to businesses I patronize. Until now I have had to drive to Richmond Avenue.

    Its been there six months. Obviously the police are not serious about shutting the place down.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Another thriving Asian business I am sure…

  10. Tangley Resident Says:

    I can’t believe the city is unable to put this place out if business. We don’t need a disgusting business in West U.

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