West U city council gets new blood

May 6, 2017

It was an almost wholesale change for the West University City Council. Mayor Susan Sample was returned to office with 83 percent of the votes.

The top vote getter was West University Place physician Wayne Franklin. Rounding out the field are the freshly elected coouncilmembers Kellye Burke, Bob Higley and returning councilmember Mardi Turner.


George Boehme

George Boehme is the publisher of InstantNewsWestU.com and West University Essentials magazine.

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  1. Longtime resident
    May 07, 08:12 Longtime resident

    It’s noteworthy that West U voters made a mistake last time electing old tired thinking Ballanfant, Reilly and Kelly. Let’s hope the new council corrects the blunders of those three. You will notice that Ballanfant finished dead last this time. Voters also rejected the backwards thinking of Sonny Brandtner. Lesson learned. Consider the swamp drained.

  2. Anirban
    May 06, 20:59 Anirban

    Congratulations to the newly elected Council members & of course Mayor Sample for her landslide!
    So glad to see misogyny has no place in our beautiful neighborhood!

  3. George Boehme
    May 06, 20:58 George Boehme

    I am excited about this new group. But please join me in thanking this great group of candidates that offered two years of service to West U.

  4. Richard Kahn
    May 06, 20:29 Richard Kahn

    Thank goodness for these election results. All good choices. Equally important, voters rejected unqualified candidates. .

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