$24K already spent on May 6 council races

April 7, 2017

wu-candidates-election-logo-1It’s that time again — West U voters are about to choose their mayor and city council. Mayor Susan Sample has two opponents, and the top vote-getter will win. Eight candidates are vying for council seats, with the top four vote-getters serving as your councilmembers for the next two years. You can vote for one, two, three or four of them.

It may not cost money to run, but it does usually take some spending to win.

So all candidates for the May 6 West University Place elections were required to file a Campaign Finance report 30 days before the election.

The only exception? If you fill out a form pledging to not spend more than $500 during the course of the election. This provision was used by mayoral candidate Sonny Brandtner and council candidate Burt Ballanfant.

Both are using yard signs from previous elections – Ballanfant’s successful 2015 council run and Brandner’s aborted 2013 mayoral run.

Mayor’s race
Mayor Susan Sample received $5,175 in contributions and spent $2,800.

Greg Micek was required to complete a report. But he is a first-time candidate and this was likely a harmless oversight. There is no evidence Micek has spent any money on his campaign.

Council races
Councilmember Mardi Turner received no contributions but spent $1,328.

Kellye Burke raised $774 and spent $604.

Dick Yehle received $2,320 in campaign donations, and spent $2,007,

Wayne Franklin raised $6,430 and spent $3,690.

Michael Kaplan received no contributions but spent $1,825.

Bruce Beneke raised no money but spent $1,831.

Bob Higley accepted no contributions but spent $9,745.

On April 23, the West University Essentials will host a very different type of political forum: There will be no hyperbole, pointless pontificating, self-aggrandizement or personal attacks. Anyone veering from those guidelines will hear a gong.

The three candidates for West University Place mayor and the eight contenders for four, two-year positions on the City Council will take the stage at 6 p.m. at the West University Place Community Center, 6104 Auden St.

All candidates will receive the questions in advance, but they will be required to answer each question directly with no notes.

Readers and candidates can send questions for consideration at questions@essentialsmagazines.com.

Voting information
Early Voting is from April 24-28 and May 1.
Election Day: May 6
West University City Hall, 3800 University Blvd.

George Boehme

George Boehme is the publisher of InstantNewsWestU.com and West University Essentials magazine.

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