Edloe Café has closed – No more chicken enchiladas or fish tacos

July 11, 2016 By:Charlotte Aguilar

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Edloe Cafe

The Edloe Café – arguably West University’s oldest business – has closed its doors after nearly four decades of service at 6119 Edloe St., proprietor E.I. Thomas announced Monday.

“It a tough, tough business,” said Thomas, who had operated the cozy, family-friendly eatery for the past six years. He had spruced up its menu and bolstered its off-site presence, operating the Colonial Pool concession for a time and reducing the restaurant hours to expand his catering business.

Owner E. I. Thomas the day he purchased the Edloe Cafe.

Owner E. I. Thomas the day he purchased the Edloe Cafe.

“In the end, it just wasn’t returning enough from the money and hours we were pouring into it,” said Thomas. He wasn’t prepared to announce his next move, but pre-Edloe, he was a highly regarded local chef.

The café opened in 1977 as a venture of Janet Carter and her sister and became known largely as an indoor-outdoor lunch spot with a beloved menu of Southwestern specialties that were retained right until the end.

West University Essentials/InstantNewsWestU publisher George Boehme bought it in 2008, adding a dinner menu and wine list and after-school window snack service before selling it to Thomas.

Carter still owns the property, and it wasn’t immediately known what the future holds.

4 Responses to “Edloe Café has closed – No more chicken enchiladas or fish tacos”

  1. M. Rath Says:

    Joanie made the original Edloe Deli. It went down after they sold it. I went once and the food was awful. No doubt the place closed down. When I went, I was proud to say I worked there. The owner said, I would be rich every time someone said that to me. I was insulted. I loved the Edloe Deli plus the friends I made there. Many good memories. The new owner did not deserve to carry the name of “The Edloe Deli”.

  2. Leslie Leppard Says:

    “Her sister” is Joanie Meyer. Joanie made the Edloe Deli. She was the chef behind the meals, and the menu was largely her creation. Her charismatic personality made it great fun for all of us as well as the customers.

    I had the pleasure of working there from 1978 to 1984 and it was a fantastic place to work. I often reflect back on the fun times and fun people I met there and feel fortunate to have known both sisters. Edloe Deli will live on in memory for a lot of its customers and those of us that worked there.

  3. courtney leppard Says:

    Anyone who grew up in West U or Southside Place in the 80’s will remember the great atmosphere and food that Joannie Meyer, aka “the sister,” made for the Edloe Deli, the employees and the whole neighborhood. My siblings and friends all owe her a debt of gratitute for letting us work for her!

  4. Karl Caillouet Says:

    Wish now that I’d had taken the opportunity for just one more meal for old time’s sake. Sad to see this chapter of West U’s history closed.

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