Council agenda: Whether city should pay for residents’ AT&T challenge, scope of facilities study

January 8, 2016 By:Charlotte Aguilar


The West University Place City Council will consider a request Monday for the city to pay for an attorney to represent residents who live near the AT&T property at 4068 Bellaire Blvd. in an upcoming hearing with the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Last fall, the city issued an order restricting some of the activities that AT&T has been conducting at the facility, primarily in the large parking area that faces Academy and Ruskin streets. The city determined some of those activities were not permitted under an earlier agreement.

At the council’s Dec. 14 meeting, the resident said that AT&T was preparing to vigorously challenge the city’s order at the ZBA hearing, and asked for the city to hire an attorney to represent the residents. City Attorney Alan Petrov advised that it was likely prohibited under state law for the city to hire an attorney to represent individual residents but said the council could hire an outside attorney to represent the city as a whole.

In other business Monday, the council will discuss the status of each of the city’s municipal facilities in order to determine which should or should not be included in an upcoming Facilities Condition Survey.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Municipal Building, 3800 University Blvd.

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3 Responses to “Council agenda: Whether city should pay for residents’ AT&T challenge, scope of facilities study”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    More wasted tax dollars! We probably make money from AT&T leasing the property, so why are we fighting them? WUP has tons of big trucks cruising through the streets constantly. More were added when someone decided to recycle again, another waste of tax money. We have vacant city property we need to rent or sell. What’s the delay? We will also be looking to spend tax dollars on buildings that may not be in need of replacement. Of course, the city workers benefit from this action. When will the citizens get something? The city parks are horrible, the library has life safety issues, leadership is disrespectful to each other and to citizens of WUP, WUP citizens don’t trust this leadership who refuse to act on input, etc. The “will of the people” is totally ignored! DO NOT VOTE AGAIN FOR ANYONE IN THIS SHAM OF A LEADERSHIP. This city needs leadership who listens and acts on citizen input, not ignores WUP citizens who ask for reasonable requests.

    • Robert Grossman Says:

      Do you ever wonder if you were at the same meeting as the reporter who wrote an article?

      The request at the meeting was that the city hire an attorney to defend the determination of the city zoning official that AT&T had violated numerous zoning codes and ordinances in its use of lots on Ruskin that are zoned Residential. These zoning codes and ordinances have been enacted and reenacted over a period of fifty years. Specifically, the request excluded the city’s attorney representing the exclusive interest of any resident.

      West U has much higher residential real estate values than nearby areas largely because it has consistently supported its laws and ordinances.

      • Robert Grossman Says:

        RE: Anonymous

        AT&T pays no rents to the city of West University related to the Ruskin residential lots.

        Additionally, AT&T pays less than half the property tax that would have been paid, if these properties, that are zoned for residential, had been used for that purpose and not exempted by counsel ordinance.

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