West U City Council to address parking issues — again

January 25, 2016 By:Charlotte Aguilar

City Council

The age-old question of parking across sidewalks is back on the West University City Council agenda tonight (Monday, Jan. 25) as part of an agenda item addressing the larger issue of  “parking etiquette.”

Councilmember Brennan Reilly and Mayor Pro Tem Bob Kelly sought the discussion, which is also expected to include designated drop-off zones and council direction to staff regarding enforcement of violations.

The city’s Parking Etiquette Program

Penley's vehicle the day she received a citation for parking on the sidewalk.

Parking across sidewalks is one of the parking etiquette issues that’s on the West U City Council agenda for Jan. 25. (File photo)

was enacted in 2012, but the issue of parking across sidewalks dates back to the late 1990s.

The City Council will convene at 6:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 3800 University Blvd.

16 Responses to “West U City Council to address parking issues — again”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just noticed that Jeanine Schupert was a lucky one who did not get a sidewalk back when they were added. Random (?) exemptions for the West End and North/South streets in Central North, new sidewalks at the curbs and not bisecting the driveway. Go figure.
    Favors were handed out by Les Albin and the folks at City Hall when it came to who got sidewalks and where. You just needed to know the right person. The City has not offered to fix the situation for the homeowners and taxpayers who built under the old rules, paid for the sidewalk and put them where Inspector Perry told them to place it. So we cannot wash our car in the driveway, pack for the beach in our driveway, have a guest or child park safely off the street. That is unless the North/South exemption holds. So, I think everyone who has a short driveway should be able to take it out so we can all use our driveway like the friends of Les Albin. Then it will be ADA compliant. You do not have to have sidewalks. Spring Oaks where I grew up has no sidewalks and I walked to elementary school every day in the street with my friends.
    Also, I am not quite sure some of those curbside sidewalks are ADA compliant. I know some slopes had to be redone as too steep for wheelchairs.

  2. bink 79 Says:

    Addendum. Pays to be a friend of Les Albin. Jeanine Schupert is one of the privileged owners on a corner with no sidewalk. Go figure. And the man who constantly complained about parking in my driveway who lived at Cason and Fairview also has no sidewalk. Fancy that. Random corners exempted. Special treatment for north south streets in Central North, but no relief for old houses built under the old rules. Seems fair.z

  3. Brokelyn Says:

    What’s there to discuss (again)? Don’t park across sidewalks. If you are on a north-south street then the rules don’t apply to your tiny driveways, but since you have a ton of street space (corner houses) maybe you can be a nice neighbor and not exercise your right to block the sidewalk. If there is a habitual offender in your neighborhood talk to them. If you can’t talk to them, ask WUPD to swing by to deliver the message. If the habitual offender refuses to participate in neighborhood niceness, stick them with a fine. Collect fine. Repeat. Move on to the next topic.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Parking across sidewalks is probably most common in West U and there are so many household do this routinely. I understand that parking etiquette is a great program but how we should act if someone doesn’t care?

    • Les Albin Says:

      It is my understanding that parking in a way that blocks the sidewalks is actually a violation of state law. Even if it is not it certainly shows a lack of consideration for neighbors and others in the community. The City sidewalks are public property and treating them otherwise is inappropriate. Seems warnings by the police to keep the public access clear would be appropriate followed by tickets for repeat offenders.

      • bink 79 Says:

        What seems unfair is that Les Albin and the sidewalk committee exempted many corner lots from having a sidewalk forced on them when the City started installing the sidewalk. My home is 28 years old. I was required to install a sidewalk 10 feet from my garage where there was none before. I cannot park safely on my street because unlike Central North and streets like Mercer, Westchester, etc. there is NOT a stop sign on every corner and my street is a cut through between Bellaire and Bissonnet. Speeding cars make it dangerous for me to exit my car with groceries. Put a stop sign and make all corners four way stops and then I can safely park on the street. If you are a corner lot with a stop sign, there is only ONE legal parking space in front of your house since you cannot park withing 30 feet of a stop sign. I could park in front of my neighbor’s house and walk across the street with my groceries. Everyone who went to law school knows you do not have to arrest everyone and everyone has heard of selective enforcement. Also, in Central North thanks to Les Albin, their sidewalks are at the curb and they do not bisect a 20 foot driveway. Not fair to those west of the ditch.

        • Brokelyn Says:

          Good points, thank you. The 30-foot rule would cause problems for a corner house at a stop sign. That rule doesn’t seem to be well-enforced — perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the rule and think about a shorter exclusion like 15 or 20 feet?

          • bink 79 Says:

            30 feet is State law and it is to make it easier for Emergency vehicles to make turns, especially longer fire trucks. We need more enforcement of that rule, but it frustrates me when I cannot use my driveway like other homeowners without being ticketed.

        • Anonymous Says:

          “Selective enforcement” is the rule in WUP! I hope you are one of their “favorites”.

          • bink 79 Says:

            I never park within 30 feet of the sidewalk on my corner lot. and I make the plumber, maid service and AC guys park legally too. I would like to park in my driveway since sometimes the only legal spot in front of my house is taken by someone else’s contractor or maid or yardman. It is the selective enforcement of the sidewalk rule that has been in force for the past few years that they are suggesting violates the ADA that concerns me. Actually they rarely ticket a car or truck illegally parked at a stop sign or facing the wrong way. Landscapers park illegally at the stop sign by my house every week. Not 15 feet away, but about 3. I have nearly been hit due to a violation of that 30 foot rule when a moving van was parked past the stop sign and into the intersection on Academy and a white truck pulled around it, did not see me and almost side swiped me.
            On an East West street, a car was parked at the stop sign and I pulled around it. A car going North turned and we almost collided.
            So, I am for enforcement of the rules that promote safety.

        • Les Albin Says:

          No idea why you think I had anything to do with the sidewalk committee since I did not even know such a thing existed. The opinion I expressed is my own, but is shared by many who see blocking the public sidewalks as inconsiderate of others. If there is any special treatment for corner lots I am not aware of it, but what I typically see has nothing to do with corner lots. It has everything to do with being considerate of others.

        • Les Albin Says:

          Don’t know where blink 79 got the false idea that I had anything to do with anyone’s sidewalks, but I would very much appreciate it if those who do not have the courage to identify themselves would quit making statements that have no basis in fact. Happy to take credit for the things that I have done for the City, but none of the posts here seem to have any idea what I have and have not done.

      • bink 79 Says:

        Additionally, last month when my daughter parked in front of my house, it flooded and her car was damaged. She had to pay her deductible and the extra on the loaner car which she could little afford. Street parking at night or during a storm is likely to cause damage to the cars. The proposal is to eliminate the exception for North/South streets that cannot use their driveway without parking over the sidewalk. Shall I wash my car in the street? Take my sidewalk out so I can be like the privileged few who were not stuck with a sidewalk bisecting their driveway. Southside Place does not allow overnight parking in the street because street parking is a safety issue for police and fire. So now, we want more street parking and we want to risk flooded cars?

        • Les Albin Says:

          West U has the same issue with safety that Southside does, but Southside has decided that community issues take priority over personal. Makes their city look much nicer than West U which is part of the reason their property values are higher.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This cities leadership spent enormous amounts of money to redo streets, sidewalks, lights, etc. I guess they don’t have potholes to focus on, so they focus on trying to force citizens to comply with their every whim. EVERYONE should read the recent article by Elizabeth Biar in the Examiner. She addresses the freedom of speech issue. This leadership has done much to trample on citizens basic rights. Laws are made to punish those who speak out, basic rights to privacy are revoked, etc. WUP citizens need to speak up when injustices are done. Use your vote! Do NOT allow any of the current leadership to have another chance to chip away at our civil rights, and give themselves what I consider to be excessive raises.

    • Les Albin Says:

      What does freedom of speech and money spent on sidewalks have to do with being courteous and considerate of others? Nothing. Seems “Anonymous” does not have the courage of his/her convictions, but is willing to be critical of those who do. Those who are not ashamed of the position they take should have no problem using their real name.

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