Profane Sign on S. Judson Street

April 16, 2015 By:Anne Marie Kilday

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This  profane banner hangs on a garage on S. Judspn Street.

This profane banner hangs on a garage on S. Judson Street.

The competition for real estate in the city of West University Place is fierce — very fierce. As a result, the level of public discourse in West University Place has reached a new low.

Kristen Flores, a resident of S. Judson Street, has filed a complaint against her next-door neighbor, Hugh Brazier, over an “offensive and profane” banner that he hung on his garage.

The banner, which is written in red letters on a white banner, has “offensive and profane language, which is visible from all my upstairs windows,”. Flores said.

The banner is written in Spanish — not very good Spanish — but it’s clear that Brazier has an apparent fondness for the “F-word.”

The signt says: “Puto Flores Merd Chinga Tu Madre.” Ms. Flores said Wednesday that the sign shows that her neighbor, “Clearly doesn’t like us very much.”

“We’ve had some issues in this neighborhood,” Flores said. “We bought a lot next to both of our properties. He also wanted to buy it.” The next step in the not-so-neighborly dispute is for the clerk of the Court to give Flores’ complaint to the city prosecutor.

West U Communications Manager Maura Leon-Barber said Thursday,

“The complaint was sent to the prosecutor for review, and he is reviewing it. That’s really the next step,” Leon-Barber said.

If criminal charges are accepted, the West U Police Department will serve the defendant with a citation and/or a copy of the complaint. The police department also will notify the defendant of the court date.



44 Responses to “Profane Sign on S. Judson Street”

  1. Brazier Says:

    To Brokeeee boy

    Amazing how the destruction of my property has turned into personal insults into how I conduct business. It has nothing to do with the land purchase but numpties like you keep focusing on it and the private sign in the confines of my private backyard where no citizen walking / driving by could see it, written in pig Spanish directed at an asshole neighbor whose wife and kids don’t speak Spanish. And the City doesn’t find it offensive either, so crawl back under the toad stool from where you came from.

    Let me remind you, Flores was Red Tagged after he brought in more fill than was allowed, not because of the fill but because he side stepped the close out demo permit. The city unbeknownst to them didn’t realize and issued a Green permit. I brought this to the City’s attention; their attitude was it’s been Green tagged so there is nothing wrong. Once I forwarded the photographs of the fill and flooding, no one at the City were willing to conduct a site visit. Why? Because they would have been forced to accept there is a problem and that’s where this all started.

    It’s illegal to bring in more than 500 sq/ft x 2″ per year and also a State Crime to cut off the natural drainage flow from one property to the next. So let’s focus on these 2 main points and the damage which has been caused. I have tried for over a year to get the City to address this, let’s focus on that, they allowed it they should solve it. As you love to throw people under the bus, why don’t you call the City and vent your displeasure at them instead of me. You say “sue”, I’m trying every possible way to resolve this without having to do that whether you like my tactics or not, being provocative gets people’s attention.

    If I did sue, I would be suing Flores and the City, it would inevitably be picked up by the press and tossers like you would be running down to City hall complaining to the Mandarins why they’re wasting tax dollars, why didn’t they try a moderate? Why didn’t they enforce the City landfill code? Right? Well that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, ultimately if I do sue the City and win, you as a tax paying citizen will ultimately pay the price thru increase property taxes. So post your address here, to allow WU citizens to vent their displeasure over the increase.

    Ps. I just spoke to the previous owner’s son who lived in the house and filled him in on what’s going on, he told me that he knew I had gone to Flores with my price and that Flores had changed his mind in wanting to buy the land and asked to keep it quite from me because his wife now wanted it. He was willing to offer more to seal the deal. So that’s why he didn’t call back, some advice for you, before you start posting a bunch of libelous crap, get you facts straight first, another case of Darwinism.

  2. Brokelyn Says:

    Lucille, you are always a constructive voice in any discussion. Come back to WU and run for Council!

    Brazier — why do you feel it necessary to prosecute any of this in public? You have facts, you have (according to multiple people here) good character, and you have evidence of your neighbor’s wrong-doing. I say this knowing that you respect full and free speech — SHUT UP and take your neighbor to court. Stop reacting in public, stop talking to the press, and use the court system for what it is designed to do — settle disputes that are a matter of fact and law.

    By the way, you are an idiot for telling Flores what you would pay for the property. I have sympathy for you on many other facts you presented here, but you have no right to whine about getting outbid. Suck it up — you royally screwed up the property deal and know that had you been more astute then none of this would be happening.

    • Brazier Says:

      I didn’t file a complaint with the City Flores did, had they not none of this would have come out.

      Don’t tell me to Shut Up, have you any idea what costs are in involved in suing someone? No you don’t. And if feel so strongly, finance my cost or SHUT UP. Additionally, I’m the one whose been imposed upon, what if it was your 80 year old Grandmother on income support? Could see afford to sue a bully neighbor?

      You know where I live, come to my house and call me an IDIOT in person I dare you. That said, I was friends with Flores and out of respect which you obviously have no understanding, I went to him as a friend and neighbor to express my wishes in purchasing the property he said he had spoken to the owner and was only willing to pay $275,000 and with his blessings said it was ok for me to buy because he wanted the lot to his west instead. So after meeting with the owners I offered between $280 to $285k. So as a friend and neighbor went back to Flores and told him my position. 2 month later he bought the property from under me without telling me his intentions as I had done to him and if that’s the sort of honesty you condone you are one miserable person.

      • Brokelyn Says:

        Yes, I have sued someone. It cost me in excess of $20,000, plus a great deal of my time. I won a judgment of $120,000 plus my legal fees. The other party paid around $5,000 then declared bankruptcy. Yay.

        I apologize. I certainly did not know that I was writing about an 80-year old grandmother on income support. You sure are feisty for an elderly lady.

        I stick with my assessment of your financial acumen. Any reason you didn’t close on the purchase for two months? That’s a lifetime in real estate. You made your offer and it was clearly not sufficient or the deal would have been done. If you didn’t get a clue during those two months that your offer was not acceptable, then, well, you’re a financial idiot.

        All that said, you have a great case against Flores. Sue him. Win. Take a victory lap.

        • Brazier Says:

          Don’t tell me I’m an IDIOT, when you have no knowledge of the negotiations. This was a private offer, the house was not publically listed, I requested the owners to contact me if they had a better offer and would try to counter. And when the house sold I contacted the owner and he said he had forgotten that I would be willing to counter, and don’t forget Flores was trading on my confidential offer and offered more. What astonishes me about people like you is how I’m being portrayed as the villain.

          As you’re so confident in me winning a law suit finance the case and we can figure out a venture capital fee for yourself. Put up or shut up.

          • Brokelyn Says:

            So you’re mad at Flores, not the owner of the house who promised to call you if they received a better offer?

            Once again, I call into question your financial acumen and now your common sense as well. Name ONE seller who “forgets” that there’s somebody else who may want to spend thousands of dollars more for the property they are selling? Listen to yourself — that’s ludicrous. This seller didn’t list their property, which tells you that they were very price sensitive (didn’t choose to spend the 6% on realtor fees). That’s not the kind of person who “forgets” to contact someone who explicitly says that they are interested in bidding for their property.

            I suspect that there’s more to this part of the story than you have let on so far.

            I’m not a venture capitalist. No idea what “put up or shut up” means in this context. You’re the one asking everyone else to fix your problem — the city won’t help, the mayor won’t help, the neighbor won’t help, I won’t help. Pull up your pants and go do something constructive for yourself.

  3. Lucille Gallman Says:

    I don’t think the owners of the “new” houses should feel too warm and fuzzy. The houses I once referred to as “new” are being torn down to build “newer” ones. I can see the day when there will be even less space between new houses, a city of townhouses. I recall standing in the driveway of the new house built next door to my old house in about 1994 and realizing that my lot was feet lower. The first rain confirmed this for me. I did call the city and was told someone would get back with me, but no one did.
    Mr. Brazier has been trying to fight the battle alone. This indicates that folks in the older houses still don’t have a way of dealing with drainage problems caused by construction or renovation.

  4. Brazier's 6th reply Says:

    Now for the City to admit guilt and get Flores to remove his landfill which they should have done a year. Truly amazing our taxes are paying for this incompetence.

    Good morning Mr. Brazier,

    The prosecutor has reviewed the complaint and would like to inform you that no charges will be filed against you in the West University Municipal Court.

    Please let me know, if you have any questions.


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Gaby Perez
    Municipal Court Clerk

    City of West University Place

  5. Brazier 4th response Says:

    To all my supporters, a very big Thank You. Looks like the Houston Press is going to do a CORRECT story and I’ve also filed a petition with the ACLU over my pending obscenity criminal case with the City of West U as I feel my 1st Amendment Right have been violated over Freedom of Speech & ones right to privacy. Buy some popcorn this going to be great to watch.

    Again to all the individuals who threw me under the bus because of a HILARIOUS private sign in my back yard. Want to know why I’m a little upset? This what happens when you alter the water table and the garage slab is unable to support it’s weight. Knowing all these facts what sort of language would you throw at your neighbor who caused this, Cupcake? Sweetie? Honeybuns? Peachie? No you wouldn’t, so how about an apology!

  6. rob Says:

    Wow.. I need to check back more often for this kind of reading. It’s funny how I am re – reading the article and now I see it is one sided. While I thought legally, nothing she can do about a sign, but why would he put a sign up in the 1st place? Now the “truth” or a second side of the story, has come out I can realize what he is going thru. My wonderful neighbors had a pool put in… and now I slop all over my backyard due to the drainage being changed.

    It will be interesting to see who the city backs on this deal. The resident for 25+ years in a “tear down”, or the new kid with new money….. will we see a follow up story at instant news? Stay tuned bat fans.

    • Brazier's 5th response Says:

      Unfortunately a rebuttal from Instant News isn’t going to happen, Copy of an email from George Boehme, Instant News, chief big wig, they don’t want to be “fair & balanced”

      The story was focused on the complaint being filed because of the offensive sign. Obviously, there have been a lot of comments representing both positions. I don’t like the personal nature of the posts and I don’t like some of the language, including some of your (my 1st Amendment Right says the 2nd sucks dick).

      But I don’t think anyone is threatening you. There are expressing their opinion that the sign is offensive with colorful imagery. I do not plan to write anything else unless that city accepts charges.

  7. Dave Agerton Says:

    The reporter’s blog format facilitates civic discussions and may have exposed an issue beyond a personal conflict. In some instances, can requirements for how a re-developed property drain conflict with the pre-existing conditions around it? Do the requirements mean that as a practical matter, some owners may need to install subsurface drains and even pumps? Would it help for someone to explain practical drainage issues, challenges, and if there are any, shortcomings, of Section 18-56 of our Code of Ordinances?

  8. Former South Judson Resident Says:

    My thoughts are quite in line with those of West U Resident. I have known Mr. Brazier for over 26 years. He is a stand up guy, thoughtful and an excellent neighbor. By way of example, for many, many years prior to their passing, Chester and Marie Blakeway depended on Mr. Brazier for help with all matters related to heavy lifting and home maintenance. I recall after Hurricaine Ike, Hugh worked tirelessly for days to help neighbors cut tree limbs, clear debris from roofs, gutters and yards, and secure gasoline for generators and ice for ice chests. Personally, over the years I have trusted Mr. Brazier with all that is dear to me: he acted as a frequent babysitter and academic advisor to my now grown daughter; he would care for my animals when I travelled out of town; and he has faithfully helped me to care for my property and automobiles. These are not the actions, pattern and practice of a bully, thug, A**h@le, etc.

    To those posters who are slamming Mr. Brazier and issuing blanket indictments of his guilt, please recognize that your opinions are grossly ill informed and based on Ms. Kilday’s opinion piece. Journalistic fundamentals are totally missing in action. Her inflammatory musings were brewed strictly and specifically on one side of the fence. Ms. Kilday’s misguided attempt at news reporting seems to be tap dancing on calumny and character defamation.

    Conspicuously, there is no mention of the flooding and property damage to Mr. Brazier’s yard and garage. There is no mention of drainage diversion. The article does provide stealthy protection to Mr. Flores, his arrogance and audacious actions. A picture is worth a thousand words, but sadly Ms. Kilday did not bother to offer a picture of the condition of Mr. Brazier’s backyard turned swamp. It does not seem that Ms. Kilday had the journalistic integrity to check with city hall and investigate any culpability there.

    One blatantly false and ridiculous statement that Ms. Kilday did choose to include in her opinion piece makes me scratch my head: The banner, which is written in red letters on a white banner, has “offensive and profane language, which is visible from all my upstairs windows,” Flores said.

    The Flores house has windows facing north, south, east and west. Even if the Flores family were all fitted with some sort of Kafkaesque fly-like compound eyes, they still would not see the sign, hung in the fenced in privacy of Mr. Brazier’s back yard from “all the upstairs windows.” Seriously.

    Before jumping on the bandwagon to convict and condemn Mr. Brazier, please walk a mile in his shoes…or the width of his backyard in hip waders.

  9. WU Resident Says:

    I have know Mr. Brazier for many years and know that he is a reasonable and level headed man. This is the outcome of incredible frustration in attempts to deal with the issues through all the proper channels with no relief: the neighbor, the city, etc. This article is clearly one sided and article had to have been prompted by the neighboring homeowner as no one else can see the sign. They would have had to provide the photo or allow it to be taken from their home. Had there been real efforts made to rectify the flooding issue, then it would have never come to this. I am not condoning the sign but certainly view this as an outpouring of frustration and it is apparent that it would be seen by their eyes only.

    Also, shame on for not getting both sides of the story. This is not fair and balanced journalism to say the least. A sign like this most assuredly had a reason and it seems that did not bother to try to find out what this reason was. Instead, they have allowed themselves to be a pawn in a dispute between neighbors.

  10. SharonD Says:

    Right on, Hugh. Paul Wolfe was rude and indifferent to me when I complained to the city about runoff from the new construction behind my older bungalow. I sent pictures of standing water 18″ deep in my back yard. He told me the same thing, “Sue”. This seems to be the standard answer to a West U homeowner when the city screws up and creates a problem.
    Letters, emails and trips to the Public Works Dept. were fruitless. Fry, Ross, Wolfe, our City Attorney, and Council did not assist at all. Public Works told me to “invest in a French Drain” or sue my neighbor.

    Hopefully, when we have a new Council and a new City Manager, some of these problems will be resolved by competent people who care. I think Hugh’s sign is hilarious, and if he is prosecuted, we need to stand behind him.

  11. Brazier's 3rd response Says:

    For those of you who didn’t take the time to read my rebuttal, here’s the flooding evidence

    And for those individuals bellyaching on about how offensive, childish (yawn) this is, get off your delusional moral perch you obviously weren’t wet nursed enough as a child.

  12. Brazier's 2nd response Says:

    If Flores can see the sign on my garage and they consider that to be offensive, they should see the sign they can’t. Is he going to climb over my neighbors fence to the east and photograph that too.

    Should the City pursue a case against me, this will undoubtedly be picked up by the ACLU…….take note Ross, Fry. Petrov and Council Members.

  13. Sad Says:

    Clearly things have devolved horribly between these neighbors. I don’t think publishing one party’s complaint against the other here is likely to improve the situation.

  14. Brazier's response Says:

    First of all I would like to thank all the folks who have express their positive comments to this crisis, for the rest of you internet Trolls might I remind you every blog post is attached to you IP address and that in turn is attached to you SS#, bank account, credit card and ultimately your home or office address. So to those that wish me harm I hope none does, because if it does you’ll be getting a call from West U’s finest. Regret saying it, you should? Read this
    Donbrown says:
    “Lack of class” Not me pal, when Flore keeps telling me to F-ck Off in public and gives me the Bird every time I’m outside you might direct that comment to him, I’m fighting fire with fire.
    Michael says:
    “Temper Tantrum” no, not a temper tantrum I’m furious. So Mr. Michael, get your ass over to my house and see the damage for yourself and then tell me to my face to enroll in a kindergarten. I dare you!

    Tangley Resident says:
    “First class jerk?” come and say that to me in person, you have no idea who I am. Additionally I had to file a formal complaint to West U police and Captain Ken Walker after Flores was threatening to file trumped up charges in trying to accuse me of being a Pedophile. So Tangle Resident, who’s the 1st class jerk here?
    As to your “urination” comment I hope that doesn’t occur because you’re traceable.

    Steve says:
    “Unwarranted….we have kids” you’ll have to try better than that, look at all the smut your kids are looking at on the internet, what about the daily murders we see screened on our nightly news, ISIL beheadings, etc etc.
    “Cities has regulation relative to drainage and subsidence. She must be following the laws on the books or her fill request would not have been permitted. This guy is a thug. A man picking on a woman never settles well with me” Who are you kidding calling me a “thug”? What about the time when Flores was throwing fence boards at me, get your facts straight next time. It was her husband that brought in the top soil before the close out demo permit was called in; he was Red Tagged for that. When he was eventually given a Green Permit, the City had no idea his property was 5” to 10” higher than mine as the soil was packed up against my fence. When I complained the City came out to look at the fill (I’d removed the bottom fence board” Paul Wolfe the City Inspector just shrugged his shoulders and said “Sue Him”
    Johnny B Says:
    “Have all of you lost your mind? You do not ever post a sign like this. PERIOD” This is an English speaking country with laws based on English Common Law, my 1st Amendment Right says the 2nd sucks dick. Take up crochet if you’re so offended, you’ve obviously never offended anyone in your life? Yea right, hypocrite! Grow up this is a big boys world. What if the sign was in my house and you could see it from the street is that any different? No it is not. So what you’re saying is, if you use Google Earth to snoop on your neighbors and you don’t like the graffiti on the garage you have a right to file a complaint with the City police. You’ve lost your mind.
    “Amazing. This is amazing. This site doesn’t do its job on screening posters. Because all of the posts supporting this asinine sign must have come from the culprit Brazier.” Shall I submit everyone’s IP address to prove otherwise?
    “He needs a crow bar upside his head” Quick a threat Mr. Johnny B. I’ve sent your comment to Capt Ken Walker; for your sake you better hope this doesn’t happen.

    Rette browning Says:
    “There are municipal laws that regulate water capture by individual homeowners. A homeowner has a responsibility to not let run off from his property to effect another. Unfortunately…He will have to sue to get relief.”

    Yes there are I can use this violation to sue Flores and the City
    1. Drainage Water
    Diffused surface water, in its natural state, occurs after rainfall or snowmelt and flows across land from high elevations to lower elevations. This diffused water is often called storm water, drainage water or surface runoff.

    Once the water flows into a clearly defined watercourse, it is claimed by the state and is subject to appropriation. On its way to the watercourse, drainage water often flows across privately owned lands. In such cases the water does not automatically become the property of the landowners, although they may capture and use it. Legal problems arise when a landowner interferes with the natural flow of drainage water by capturing and holding the flow or by diverting or increasing it. There are three general rules of law that apply when diffused surface water is captured or diverted.

    Natural Flow or Civil Law Rule
    This rule recognizes that each landowner is entitled to rely upon continuation of the natural flow. Under this rule a landowner who increases runoff, thereby causing flooding, is liable for damages.
    david Says:
    “ask the mayor, city council,and city manager to help”
    I sent 10 letters to Bob Fry, Michael Ross and Alan Petrov – City Atty and numerous other letter to each Council Member and followed up with numerous phone calls, not once did they reply, except one letter from Alan Petrov, who basically said, get lost and a file a civil suit against Flores. So who do think is guilty here?

    I live nearby Says:
    “But you NEVER post a sign like this. Go to civil court. Don’t be an asshole.” I’ve lived here for 26 years and your calling me an asshole after what he’s done to my property, let me know where you live and I’ll copy what he’s done to you and then let’s see what your reaction will be. Flores started this I’m reacting to his behavior. Want to pay for my legal fees?

    As stated in this blog the dispute was not about the land purchase and yes he bought the property from under me after telling me he had no interest in spending over $275,000 after I told him in confidence that I had offered $285,000 and without my knowledge he offered more, so who’s the ass ole here???? Flores intentions have been malicious from the start his sole purpose is to cause structural damage so I’ll sell up and move, how do I know? He told me. So who’s the asshole?

    So for you folks that think I’m childish, throwing temper tantrum, first class jerk, being an asshole…. look at the damage. Now come and say that to my face.

  15. Dave Agerton Says:

    I’d like to hear from candidates running for office on how the City should address the drainage issue and the City’s mistakes, if indeed they made any, in overseeing the drainage changes.

  16. Lucille Gallman Says:

    I wouldn’t think a resident can write just anything on his house any more than he can paint it an awful color. Of course, I am applying this logic to nice West University Place. There were and probably are neighborhoods where anything goes. Also, once upon a time, most houses in West University Place were small one-story houses usually with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a one car garage built on a nice sized lot. In I think about the early 1980s, these little houses were either torn down, or jacked up and hauled off to another neighborhood. They were replaced with much larger houses that took up most of a lot. Many times the new, bigger houses were close to a property line and much higher than the older house next door. As a result, water drained onto the older lot next door. It happened to me and when it rained my lot looked like a swamp. I remember talking to someone with the city but ended up having Teas Nursery put in drains so the water would run off. The drainage problem I had was in the early 1990s and I solved it rather than dealing with the city, etc.

  17. david Says:

    ask the mayor, city council,and city manager to help. They all do whatever they want whenever they want. Maybe they can buy up these folks properties and house the homeless….

  18. VillageArt Says:

    What a fine bit of journalism. Who writes an article and only talks to one side of the story. Am I the only one who sees Mr Flores’ finger prints all over this too.

    Well i am posting because I’ve known Hugh since long before the Flores moved into the neighborhood. This guy Flores has a jerk since day one. Besides, you cant just move in and build a 10 inch retaining wall cutting off your neighbors rain runoff drainage. That is just not legal and just plain stupid. Texas is F L A T so drainage is a really big deal. Brazier is now stuck flooding every time it rains? They have laws against changing the natural flow of rainwater for a reason. What makes Flores think he is above the law that applies to every other resident of the city? The City should step up and pay to fix the problem and bill Flores for it. Brazier has been paying taxes at this address for over 30 years as a resident. He is the only one being harmed here. What used to be a nice peaceful backyard is not a mosquito infested swamp anytime it rains. All Flores needed to do was when he built his big expensive house was to install a simple $500 drain line along the property boundary with Brazier. Instead Flores is acting like a neighborhood bully that can do as he pleases without regard for anyone else’s property value or rights under the Texas law.

    Instead of fixing the mess he is responsible for, Flores just decided to go all out war with Brazier. Fixing the problem would have cost him way less than installing cameras pointing into Brazier’s backyard. OR adding the extra baseboards on the fence to insure not even one drop of run off water could run off Hugh’s backyard. He yells insults and slanderous threats at Hugh if he is seen outside his home of 30 years. Flores races his car towards the front of Hugh’s house at night with high beams pointed towards the windows. I saw this myself firsthand when I was taking care of his pet. I felt threatened when he swerved his car towards me when I was leaving. I think this guy Flores is the one who is unhinged he is the real neighborhood menace. I feel sorry for Hugh, he is a nice quiet guy that doesn’t bother anyone and after 30 Years Flores just drops in like Vladimir Putin and thinks he can do what ever the heck he wants.

    Hey Mr Flores you are 100% in wrong here. Be a man and take responsibility for your mistake. If the tables were turned you would be posting signs too. Dig a ditch, install a drain pipe and clean up the mess you started. I think Hugh in his admittedly bad spaninh meant for the sign to say just that. Darn that free speech thing.

  19. Dana LeJune Says:

    Brazier has a great case with large damages.

    There probably would be less than $10k in expert witness fees, and even at $350/hour, probably less than $40k in atty time.

    He could borrow against the value of the house to finance the suit.

    In ius voco spurious!

  20. Rette browning Says:

    There are municipal laws that regulate water capture by individual homeowners. A homeowner has a responsibility to not let run off from his property to effect another.
    Unfortunately…He will have to sue to get relief.

  21. 77005Oop Says:

    I was a neighbor of Flores on Fairmont 8 years ago all neighbors hated them they were total A-holes to us. Best thing they did was to move, Reading some of the posts supporting him I feel really sorry for this guy, nothing has changed with Flores. The article was one sided, you probably need to hear what caused this, but reading the flooding comments I too would be furious, so the people who think its offensive go take some Prozac.

  22. Johnny B Says:

    Amazing. This is amazing. This site doesn’t do its job on screening posters. Because all of the posts supporting this asinine sign must have come from the culprit Brazier. Go to civil court Mr. Brazier, quit your bullying.

  23. Johnny B Says:

    Have all of you lost your mind? You do not ever post a sign like this. PERIOD. No justification is valid.

    • Anonymous Says:

      So what if you’re anti abortionist. Would you like to see pictures of an aborted .featus..? Or pro death penalty or a radical Muslim? It’s his property he can do what he likes. They built a 2 story heouse and if they hadn’t they wouldn’t be able to see the sign. What’s worse your kids seeing porn on the Internet or a sign in Spanish. Maybe he should write it Welsh or Gaelic then what?

  24. Steve Says:

    Regardless of the underlying impetuous of the offensive sign, the sign is unwarranted and a disgrace. We all have kids and how does Brazier sleep knowing this lady’s children see this sign?

    Cities has regulation relative to drainage and subsidence. She must be following the laws on the books or her fill request would not have been permitted. This guy is a thug. A man picking on a woman never settles well with me.

    • Friendly neighbor Says:

      I know for a fact the City red tagged Flores for not calling a close out demolition permit by which time he had brought in 40 plus tons of top soil and packed it against the fence. The city inspected didn’t realize that and gave Flores a green permit. It wasn’t until the owner called the city to show them the 10 ” in soil height difference and the city just shrugged its shoulders and told him to sue Flores. He has ever right to be pissed off, I wouldn wheather you like the language or not, he owns the property he can do what he likes and has a 1st amendment right to say what he likes and if yo don’t like go live in Russia Go Hugh!

    • No Extremists Says:


      You must be naive. City wouldn’t approve the Flores dirt permit if it caused damages to the neighbor ? Lol. It did and has done so before. Making this a sex issue. Lol. Flores floods his property and spies on him. You don’t think she’s married.

  25. James Judson pk Says:

    He has a 1st Amendment Right, whether you care for it or not. I know Hugh I,ve seen the damage caused from the flooding, his garage is destroyed the slab is cracked in half due the saturated soil, tools rusted out. I’ve seen the subsidence at the back of his house because the pilings can no longer support the wieight of the house, due to the changed water table. So you trolls shut up, if this happened to you you would be pissed off. Not to mention the city officials bob fry, Michael Ross, Alan petrol have dropped him in the grease over their refusal to help. So I agree Flores f@ck off.

    • From what I see Says:

      You are absolutely correct. Flores needs to fix the problem and pay for damages. Another situation where city officials and employees are incompetent .

  26. Emory Res Says:

    I know the land purchase history. Several years ago the land came up for sale privately Brazier approached Flores to tell him he was interested in buying it. Flores said he had spoken to the owner already but wasn’t willing to spend more the $275k and was more interested in the adjacent property to his west. Brazier then said he was going to talk to owner and asked Flores for his approval which he gave. Brazier then had a meeting with the owner and offered him a price around $280 to $285k he then went back to Flores as a friend / neighbor to tell him what he had offered. Flores having this intimate knowledge went back to the owner and offered $289 without telling Brazier what he was doing and bought it from under him. They accepted his offer. So you can see why he’s upset and then he brought in all this top soil without city approval and is now causing immense flooding problems, then came the intrusive CCTV cameras looking into his property and the obnoxious night lighting. The sign on his property is below the fence line cannot be seen from the street and what point do we let government intrusion into our backyards. So what if the neighbor doesn’t like your Michael Angelo statue or your dwarf statues? So for the nay sayers here HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? Flores is a slime ball.

  27. rob Says:

    That’s crazy… but I don’t think this is going anywhere. Surely there is an expectation of privacy if he clearly has a wooden privacy fence? So, I decided to play judge and jury today and guess what I saw!!!! A camera from the monster sized house facing the original West U style house. Who is picking on who here?

  28. PA Says:

    The issue was not over the purchase of the land the issue is the amount of land fill Flores brought in which has cut off the natural east west drainage flow, causing extensive flooding to Brazier’s property and building subsidence. In addition the sign was put out of site and can only be seen by Flores because he has a 2 story house, in addition Flores installed a CCTV camera looking directly in Brazier’s back garden so he can snoop on him. So if he wants to see what’s going on he can read the sign. F*ck Off.

  29. el lobo Says:

    Improper grammar tambien.

  30. Michael Says:

    Good grief, is this Hugh guy really throwing a temper tanam over being outbid on a lot next-door? He clearly needs to grow up. The homeowner probably didn’t want to sell the property to Hugh because he had personal experience with Hugh’s childish behaviors! Maybe instead of acting like a five-year-old, Hugh needs to enroll in kindergarten again so he can learn basic manners and self control. That is certainly not the behavior we all expect from someone living in West U!
    I sure am glad that idiot is not my neighbor…

  31. donbrown Says:

    The Judson sign is as funny as it is obscene and offensive. Funny because the banner hanger has exhibited his ignorance and lack of taste and class. I hope the police have jurisdiction to have it removed as unsightly and perhaps issue a ticket for being just plain dumb!

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