Provisional Ballots Reverse the Fate of 2 West U Charter Amendments

November 14, 2013 By:George Boehme

Local News

The belated count of 280 provisional ballots has reversed the outcome of two proposed West University Place City Charter amendments. On election night, the two proposals  passed by just one and two votes respectively.

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart accepted most of the 280 provisional ballots by mail. Provisional ballots are only considered if they could change the outcome of the election. This was one of the rare cases where they did.

Proposition 2 was originally reported as having passed by a single vote. It provided for increasing the number of qualified voter signatures needed for citizen legislative initiatives from 3 to 5 percent. Instead of passing, The final count resulted in Proposition 2 failing by two votes.

Proposition 3, originally a winner by two votes, increased the percentage of signatures required by residents seeking to repeal ordinances from 3 to 5 percent. In the final adjusted vote, Proposition 3 failed by a single vote.


14 Responses to “Provisional Ballots Reverse the Fate of 2 West U Charter Amendments”

  1. Nan Says:

    Thanks for the laughs, it takes all kinds…

  2. Tangley Resident Says:


  3. miltonwatchdog Says:

    How refreshing to see young people involved in their community and understanding the process. It is likely they knew more about the issues than the average voter. I commend these young folks for their efforts. Our Mayor said they really didn’t have an impact on the outcome. Council and the Mayor should give these kids some credit, even if they don’t agree with their position on the propositions.

    • kraig Says:

      To be honest I think the mayor and city council denied the kids involvement in the election to save face because they look bad being beaten by high school students. I think it was just a matter of politicians trying to protect their image after getting bested, yet again.

  4. They Should Make Commenters Leave Real Names Says:

    Franz, get off my lawn!!

  5. Brokelyn Says:

    They Should — comments on this board are usually quite topical and civil. There are a handful of people who have bad manners (I won’t name them but long-time readers can easily recite their handles). Thanks for adding facts to this story and I hope you’ll continue to be active in this community.

    Franz — nice job. Thanks for the facts and for having a more mature attitude than the person you were addressing.

  6. They Should Make Commenters Leave Real Names Says:

    It is disappointing that “West U Resident” is willing to slander young people as liars based solely on the fact that (s)he didn’t see or hear them. I saw two boys working St Andrews. I talked to one of them. I saw a sign they put up. I don’t know why I ever read comments to news articles because the stupidity they contain usually makes me despair for humanity.

    • Andrew Says:

      I spoke briefly with one of the students standing in the parking lot at St. Andrew’s on Election Day, but I had already planned to oppose all of the amendments (esp. #1-3) so I didn’t need any convincing. After I had voted and driven off, I wished I had commended him for his activism.

      Nice work, guys, and don’t let the haters get you down.

  7. West U Resident Says:

    I didn’t see any 10th graders working the polls during the election and didn’t hear of them knocking on any doors as they claimed. I think they just wrote a “press release” after the fact, and are going to try to claim credit so they can put it on their college applications to try to show they were “involved in the community.”

    • Franz Says:

      Hey, I was one of those 10th graders, thanks for your comment. When did you vote and in which precinct did you vote? If you voted on election day after 3:00, you probably would have seen us, especially if you voted at the 183rd or 15th (other polling stations were neglected). I should also point out that we don’t need to do this to show that we are “involved in our community” because most of us have already volunteered for several campaigns and that we don’t apply to college for a long while. You should beware of speculation, and especially careful when accusing people of untruthfulness. Thank you for your time.

  8. Downton Abbey Says:

    I am just so proud of the 10th graders who worked so hard to defeat these anti-grassroots amendments!! They are the real heroes here.

  9. AngeryVoter Says:


    Provisional Balots. Goes to show you the fix was in. Why vote, they will figure a way to chanrge the outcome to what the want…like “gold benefits” for another term. These guys are just like that worthless jerk in the White House. All those rich West U folks sould be giving more. Shame on you.

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