Council Set to Raise Fees for Senior Citizens

November 15, 2013 By:George Boehme

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At Monday’s regular city council meeting of the West University Place City Council, councilors will consider the selection of land use consultant Kendig Keast Collaborative to perform a comprehensive review of the commercial zoning regulations. Part of the analysis will be an emphasis on determining the appropriate zoning regulations for the downtown area next to West University Elementary School also know as “town center.”

The council is also scheduled to grant final approval to a new fee schedule that will begin a policy of charging West U senior citizens a fee for the use of Colonial Park and the West University Recreation Center. Also, the elected body is expected to give final approval for a trial program to begin recycling yard waste.

Mayor Bob Fry will call the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. City Council chambers located in the Municipal Building, 3800 University Boulevard.

For more information, please contact City Secretary Thelma Lenz at 713.662.5813 or email

8 Responses to “Council Set to Raise Fees for Senior Citizens”

  1. Janine Says:

    Hello, turn up your hearing aids please — IT IS FREE FOR ANY SENIOR THAT NEEDS IT AND SIMPLY ASKS FOR IT. This claim of it being demeaning to ask for the membership fee waiver is BS. Quit feeding everyone this line of crap. Rich seniors should pay their way just like everyone else. Bottom line, the seniors should have been involved in the recommendation to Council but they are having that involvement before passage of the ordinance occurs.

    • Tom Says:

      Wow such a compelling argument — could you detect the sarcasm. Getting people to agree with you never starts with you making fun of them. I’m pretty sure that the only thing you’re doing right now is making a fool of yourself. Good day.

  2. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Let’s call on all the old folks to visit with Council at the next Council meeting.
    Does anyone doubt that our objections to charging seniors will be answered by the cold blank stares? I have seen it so many times before.

  3. Selby Says:

    Regarding the proposed fees for seniors to use the recreation facilities, this is just simply wrong on many levels. 1) We profess to be a family friendly and senior friendly city. This is NOT friendly. 2) We profess to want our citizens to lead happy, healthy lives. This discourages exercise which is a major factor in everyone’s health, but especially seniors. 3) This is bending to the will of a few complainers instead of listening to the total voice of the citizens. 4) When the bonds were being floated to build these wonderful new recreational facilities the citizens were told that seniors would not be charged to use them. Will this City Council now reverse the promises made by a previous Council? 5) The West University Senior Services Board, chartered to advise Council on all matters concerning seniors in our city, has not even been consulted on this matter. Clearly some more voices need to be heard and some more consideration given to other constituencies before a hasty and regrettable decision is made that will tarnish the image of our city and add hardship to those least able to bear it.

    • Frank Says:

      I think you are correct on all counts. If in fact the WU Senior Services Board was not consulted, it was inappropriate. Unfortunately, I don’t think this council listens to the constituents.

  4. Les Albin Says:

    Redevelopment of the town center has been discussed at Z&P meetings for years and years, but the objections of neighbors on the East side of Poor Farm Ditch to any changes and of residents concerned about traffic and parking near the school always stop any action. Council has to be willing to take the heat and do what is best for the community. The inaction on street parking during the last session seems to indicate they are not willing to do that. The difference between that issue and this is that talk about street parking was cheap. Consultants on zoning will be a different thing entirely. Sounds like a major waste of money. Lame ducks can still lay eggs.

  5. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Why is Council doing this, how much of our money will they spend, and to what end? Maybe a developer has a special interest in Town Center. Follow the money trail and we will eventually know.

  6. LHG Says:

    Regarding the zoning regulations, I remember this coming up before. I’ll admit, the area now referred to as the Town Center looks pretty much the way it did in the 1940s. Sugar Land and Katy have great town centers but they had much more land to develop. I’m impressed with what Southside Place built but anything taller wouldn’t fit. For there to be a LaCenterra at West U or a West U Town Square, additional land would have to be acquired. With Rice Village a mile away, there can’t be too big a need.

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