PERK OF WEST U: Get a Complementary 10-Foot Tree Planted in Your Yard Until Dec. 3

November 6, 2013 By:George Boehme

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One of the many perks of living in West University Place is getting complementary trees planted, fertilized, mulched and staked in your yard by city workers. The deadline for getting a complimentary tree from the Tree Trust has been extended until December 2, 2013.

Residents who wish to apply can fill out an application here.

The Tree Trust was established to ensure the regeneration and diversity of the city’s urban forest. The Tree Trust is funded by payments from residents and contractors who remove trees for construction purposes and cannot replace them due to space limitations.

The city offers several varieties of trees including Cedar Elm, Bald Cypress, Nuttal Oak, Bur Oak, Monterey Oak, White Oak, Live Oak, Drummond Red Maple, Savannah Holy (recommended under power lines), Texas Redbud (recommended under power lines), Lacebark Elm, Black Gum, Water Oak, Shumard Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak, Mexican Sycamore, Loblolly Pine, Green Ash and Chinese Pistache (recommended under power lines).

The city will plant, stake, mulch and fertilize the trees for residents in January. The city is not responsible for maintenance after planting.

Trees will only be planted in the Street Right of Way and residents are asked to consider available planting space when selecting the type of tree they request.

Tree species that mature into large trees will not be planted beneath the canopy of an existing healthy tree or overhead utility lines.  Residents are also asked to consider visibility triangles at street intersections and at street and driveway intersections.

Residents who have the required growth space and are approved will receive a 30 gallon tree at no cost.  Trees will be approximately 10 feet tall and 2” in caliper.

For more information, contact West U Forester Craig Koehl at 713-662-5313 or

One Response to “PERK OF WEST U: Get a Complementary 10-Foot Tree Planted in Your Yard Until Dec. 3”

  1. Robert Gartner Says:

    Would sure be nice to see a moratorium on the use of Live Oaks. Dont think a bird can use them and they ruin anything else wanting to grow and suck all the water out from under pavement.

    Would sure love to see Hawthorne, persimmon, Mulberry, Honeylocust Bois D arc, Deciduous Holly, Yaupon Holly, Cherry Laurel, Bay, Sumac, Short Needle Pine, Southern Post Oak added to this list.

    Youre very short on diversity.

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