Standing room only crowd talks crime

20161010_183853The rarely used chairs in the West University Place City Council Chamber got a full workout tonight.

The standing room only crowd of West U residents lined along the wall, waiting their turn to tell the mayor and city council members their concerns about rising crime. These taxpayers pledged support for additional solutions, even if it meant paying higher taxes.

The proposed 2017 budget being discussed by this elected body includes funding for two new police officers, along with a budget request for $200K to buy and install two intersection surveillance camera systems to help the West University Police Department in the detection of crimes.

Each intersection surveillance camera system would consist of eight cameras that will provide a bidirectional recording of all vehicles passing through the intersection. Four of the cameras are for daytime, four are infrared – to capture the images and licence plate numbers at night. The $200K estimate would likely be reduced after a competitive bidding process.

In other business, the council was updated on the September 26 debacle involving CodeRED, West U’s emergency email message system. That was the date of the shootings 100 yards from the West U city west-u-logolimit.

CodeRED messages were delayed more than two hours before delivery, instead of being sent immediately. The outside vendor charged with this task is being replaced.

George Boehme

George Boehme is the Managing Partner of and West University Essentials magazine.

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  1. WhyNot?
    October 13, 12:22 WhyNot?

    Why I applaud the proposal to add surveillance cameras, it not a panacea. Ask HPD and they will point to many criminals in stolen vehicles with stolen plates or bogus tags. Add to this the growing number of higher end luxury vehicles who choose not to display front license plates (in violation of current Texas law). I concur with Mr. Micek that facial composite software can significantly increase the value of these cameras.

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  2. Anonymous
    October 12, 18:05 Anonymous

    The will of the people is to install cameras. The police chief does not have a plan to reduce crime. He wasn’t wanted in Galveston when he applied for a job. Are we stuck with someone who is not addressing the needs of this community?

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  3. Anonymous (but not that one)
    October 11, 18:47 Anonymous (but not that one)

    I do know that one particular senior citizen—one who claims to be “disabled” and “homebound”—is capable of all kinds of physical activity. She can drive, attend council meetings, and chase after city trash vehicles. She’s even capable of more strenuous physical antics, like marching the entire length of a city parade while yelling and screeching in a disruptive and disrespectful manner. So who’s to say whether tackling such a person is necessary?

    As for the claim that “going to the bathroom is not disruptive,” I must admit that I’m not personally aware of what indignities this person had committed in that bathroom stall, so I can’t speak to the cops’ bravery in dealing with it. But we’ve become all too familiar with what comes out of one end of her, so I dread to imagine what spews from the other. Maybe the cops deserve a commendation.

    For a moment I was worried that “free coffee” might not appear in your post. I apologize for doubting you. And you got in “free snacks,” too! With the demand for “blankets” we’ve got a trifecta.

    Maybe I am a little selfish. I’d like to live in a world—I’d like to live and work in a city—where people save for the future, where they pay for the services they use, where they don’t look for others to subsidize their bad life choices. I’d like for everyone to pay the full freight on their taxes. And I’d sure like for someone to buy this woman a cup of coffee.

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    • Anonymous
      October 12, 13:28 Anonymous

      Taxpayers pay for coffee, not staff. You must work for the city with that attitude of me, me, me. Seniors requested blankets, not me. I can afford to buy my own blankets. You clearly do not care if the police target seniors and disabled in this community. You are making incorrect assumptions, but I would expect that from someone who is so narrow minded as to not want to provide for the needs of Seniors. You are quick to judge others, when you are being crude. I pay taxes, as seniors do, so get over yourself and take a senior out for a cup of coffee. Or, are you busy counting your pennies?

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  4. Greg J. Micek
    October 11, 14:49 Greg J. Micek

    to all:

    I actually have DONATED, TWICE,my facial composite software to the West U police chief. My wife and used the software to solve our own robbery at our house on Buffalo Speedway. Our software can be downloaded by EVERY citizen of West U. And, I am offering it for FREE. The police chief never responded to me. My offer still stands.

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  5. Anonymous (but not that one)
    October 11, 13:32 Anonymous (but not that one)

    Cameras were installed in the Community Center to watch over Tim O’Conner’s car. Not a great use of taxpayer resources!

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  6. Anonymous
    October 11, 12:50 Anonymous

    NO NEW TAXES! The budget has room for cameras, which many people appear to want to buy. A citizen recently suggested every department should cut their budget by 15%. A few people spoke at the city council meeting. One woman insisted she speak for ALL the citizens in her demand to increase taxes for cameras. This is NOT the will of the people. If the police chief is unable to provide leadership that insures the safety of WUP citizens, then it is time for a new police chief. He seems to be more involved in being in front of the camera, than he does with the needs of citizens in this community. Police have a budget of over five million dollars! This is plenty of money to ensure the safety of our community, unless it is mismanaged. IN 2014, the budget was around 3 million dollars. Where did the money go? Crime is escalating at an alarming rate. At the meeting last night, citizens stated they see fewer patrols on WUP streets. It was stated that 2 cars with police in conversation were seen at the Rec Center parking lot when the Rec Center was closed for maintenance. Police are frequently not in WUP. Citizens do not feel safe in this community. It is time for leadership changes, both in the police department and in city council.

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    • Anonymous (but not that one)
      October 11, 14:32 Anonymous (but not that one)

      There may in fact be fewer patrols on West U streets. The brave police officers may have been forced to deal with a resident who continues to make a pest of herself by demanding free coffee. Or maybe the officers were removing a disruptive resident from a local church bathroom. Who’s to say?

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      • Anonymous
        October 11, 17:32 Anonymous

        How brave are the officers to tackle a Senior citizen after dragging them out of the handicapped stall in a bathroom? Going to the bathroom is not disruptive. Are you disruptive in the bathroom? It is unfortunate that employees consider WUP citizens pests. You sound like another disgruntled employee sucking up tax resources, drinking free coffee, eating free snacks, while providing substandard customer service. It was too difficult for the Senior Service manager to provide blankets to the homebound Seniors they requested. Really?!! You seem to be stuck on the idea that you should not take care of Seniors in this community. Be selfish. Not everyone is as selfish as you.

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