Standing room only crowd talks crime

October 10, 2016

20161010_183853The rarely used chairs in the West University Place City Council Chamber got a full workout tonight.

The standing room only crowd of West U residents lined along the wall, waiting their turn to tell the mayor and city council members their concerns about rising crime. These taxpayers pledged support for additional solutions, even if it meant paying higher taxes.

The proposed 2017 budget being discussed by this elected body includes funding for two new police officers, along with a budget request for $200K to buy and install two intersection surveillance camera systems to help the West University Police Department in the detection of crimes.

Each intersection surveillance camera system would consist of eight cameras that will provide a bidirectional recording of all vehicles passing through the intersection. Four of the cameras are for daytime, four are infrared – to capture the images and licence plate numbers at night. The $200K estimate would likely be reduced after a competitive bidding process.

In other business, the council was updated on the September 26 debacle involving CodeRED, West U’s emergency email message system. That was the date of the shootings 100 yards from the West U city west-u-logolimit.

CodeRED messages were delayed more than two hours before delivery, instead of being sent immediately. The outside vendor charged with this task is being replaced.

George Boehme

George Boehme is the publisher of and West University Essentials magazine.

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