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May 6, 2017

Manning the polls at 7am

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Updated: 5:48 pm

At 5:30, there were1,019 election day ballots.

Posted 4:57 pm

My wife and I have lived in West U for almost 30 years. This is, by a Secretariat-like lead, the best group of city council candidates I have ever seen.  All of them would be great coucilmembers.

Posted 3:51 pm

At 3 pm the election day ballots added up to 760.

Posted 3:26 pm

My Kentucky Derby pick is Practical Joke. He is 30 – 1. I have never picked the winner in the Kentucky Derby.

Posted 2:28 pm

The voters look younger this year. Maybe it’s because I am now a dinosaur.

Posted at 1:39 pm

There were 574 ballots cast at 1:30, at this pace we will have 1,060 election day votes. Add the early votes and the mail-ins and we are on track to have 2,440 ballots cast. That would be 448 more than the 2015 total.

Posted at 12:23 pm

When the voting polls opened at 7am, a line had already formed outside the city council chambers. At

Kellye Burke and Lisa Beckman, with her five-year-old scarlet macaw, Boyd.

11:57 am, 288 was the voter count.

Add the early votes and the mail-ins and the total rises to 1,649, only 323 shy of the 2015 total ballot count of 1,972. With eight hours of voting left, we are on a pace to have a likely ballot total at 7 pm of about 2,225, eclipsing the 2015 total by 253 ballots.

George Boehme

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