West U council to discuss video distribution of meetings

April 22, 2016 By:Jesus Acevedo Jr.

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The West University City Council will meet Monday, April 25, to discuss, among other things, matter related to the methods of video and audio distribution of city council, boards, and commission meetings.

The discussion is a continuation of of past discussions. City staff has previously presented council with five methods to achieve the distribution. The council will discuss the five methods and potentially choose one.

The five methods include the following four categories: broadcasting method, content type, production method, and quantity of cameras per room.

Other agenda items include potentially granting the Mayor Susan Sample authorization to approve an Interlocal Agreement with the Harris County Flood Control District, or HCFCD. The agreement will facilitate the widening of Braes Bayou and is necessary to manage the exchanges of easements adjacent to Braes Bayou and the West University Place Wastewater Treatment Plant, WWTP, located at 2801 N. Braeswood Drive on the banks of the bayou.

The mayor would have to execute the Easement Deed Documents to fulfill the agreement, pending approval by the Commissioner’s Court.

The exchange will include requirements that HCFCD at their sole cost construct a retaining wall that will protect the WWTP structure. Additionally, the HCFCD will install a new outfall pipe at the west end of the retaining wall to direct WWTP effluent into the bayou.

If the agreement is approved by the council, the agreement is scheduled to go for approval before the Harris County Commissioner’s Court on May 10.

The meeting is slated to start at 6:30 p.m. in the city council chambers.

One Response to “West U council to discuss video distribution of meetings”

  1. Roy Vera Says:

    Seems a simple solution of two iPad Pros with YouTube Capture to auto upload would be the cheapest and easiest solution. Youtube allows really large Videos (over 300 minutes at 4k) and the iPad could record almost 4 hours of 4k video – allowing for crips video good enough to read even the smallest print held up.

    YouTube would host the videos for free – on a West Channel for free. The West University Facebook page and website could easily link to the videos.

    Entire solution cost – less than 2k – budget another 1k a year for the accidental iPad drop …

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