No Charges in Neighbors’ Dispute Over Sign

April 22, 2015 By:Anne Marie Kilday

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The West U Municipal Court has notified West University Place resident Hugh Brazier that no charges will be filed against him in the city’s Municipal Court, in a complaint filed by his neighbor over a profane sign that Brazier hung on his garage.

Kristen Flores filed the complaint last week in the Court, complaining that Brazier’s sign could be seen from her upstairs windows.  In her complaint, Flores characterized the sign as: “profane and offensive.”

Brazier’s sign, written in Spanish, said: “Puto Flores Merd. Chinga Tu Madre.”

Brazier said it was his “First Amendment right” to hang the sign.

Brazier, who is British, said he wrote the sign in Spanish because Flores is Hispanic. “I could have written it in cockney English. It’s still my right to hang the sign.”

Brazier said that he hung the sign — out of frustration — in the latest dispute over his long-running dispute with Stephen and Kristen Flores. The 26-year West U resident contends that Flores didn’t deal with him honestly over a real estate purchase of a lot between their homes, that construction of their new home resulted in flooding on his lot, and, more recently, the family installed security cameras that invade his privacy in his backyard.

Brazier said he did not respond to a telephone call last week from Instant News, because he receives so many solicitation calls that he ignored the message.

Brazier has been trying, for several years, to get West U officials to admit that they should never have approved a construction permit for the Flores’ home, because fill dirt used on their property has flooded his backyard, his garage, and caused foundation damage to his property.

He supplied InstantNews with photos of his flooded backyard.Brazier yard

“Last April, when we had our first spring storm, my garage had four to five inches of water,” Brazier said. “I went out to the street, and it was bone-dry. I built an 8-foot fence. It was put up for privacy. At the bottom of the fence, there were 10 inches of topsoil that had been pack up against my fence,” Brazier said.

“I wrote a letter to the city. The city inspector blew me off,” Brazier said.

Brazier claims that West U officials “never” responded to his requests for help. He said he repeatedly wrote e-mails to Mayor Bob Fry and members of the West U City Council.

Brazier also complains that he was treated “rudely” by West U building officials, who investigated his complaint.

In a long-running letter exchange with West U City Attorney Alan Petrov, Brazier has repeatedly demanded relief.

Petrov said Monday that he has advised Brazier that it is his right to sue his neighbors in civil court.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, and everybody says ‘Sue him,’” Brazier said. “You get to the point where you go: ‘Crikey!”

Brazier has been so frustrated by the flooding on his property that, he said, he actually started tossing clods of the fill dirt from the Flores’ property back onto their property. He claimed that Flores has retaliated by “flipping the bird” and videotaping him while he mows his lawn.

“Everything’s been put on me, like I’m the asshole,” Brazier said. “Flores is just relishing the fact that he is destroying my property.”

Flores could not immediately be reached for comment.


25 Responses to “No Charges in Neighbors’ Dispute Over Sign”

  1. Jockie Says:

    Stephen D , you seriously believe that everyone in WU is above everyone else and they don’t get angry and flip the bird, mmmmm , so all those times I’ve been flipped the bird must be the transient people, must be from Bellaire.

    As for brokelyn, you really think that one scuffle in WU lowers the property value, take your head out of the sand for god sake. Property values are based on facts , land and property values not who’s having troubles with their neighbors

    I think you all need to leave Hugh alone, under the law of this great country he has freedom of speech, privacy in his own yard and fair just treatment from a city municipality that has failed to manage their system and approvals correctly.

    I live in the city of Houston and when I remodeled my house the last thing the inspector got me on was my land was too high, we had to remove fill so that our pool, should it flood, or heavy rain, would not flood our neighbors land. So guess what, they got it right. When it rains here none of my neighbors are flooded.

    Get over it all people, the U.S. Law has given Hugh a clean bill of health and as in any false accusations he has the legal right to sue. I’d sue the crap out of all of you for slander and more, I’d keep the WU legal system so busy they can’t get to the real issues in WU.

  2. VillageArt Says:

    It seems to me that Flores posted his own metaphorical Screw You sign when he dumped truck load after truck load of soil on the property. Ive heard he is an engineer, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who started things.

    Why should Hugh or any wronged property owner be forced to hire an expensive attorney to get the proper resolution to this very clear flip off by the new neighbor. Apparently you have never required the services of legal counsel but the good ones start around $300 per hour.

    Instead of clogging the courts Hugh has elected to push back in every legal way possible. This seems to me intended to induce the neighbor to do the right thing. The part I can’t seem to get over is why has Flores would rather be a bully than just do the right thing. Why not just put in a french drain to fix the problem he clearly created. I bet he is one of those guys that leaves his dog crap in other peoples yards too. We all know the type. His dogs poop doesn’t stink. He is being a bully.

    Hugh is simply standing up to the neighborhood bully. Perhaps its a British trait to have the back bone to fight for principals, and what is right, is Right. There would be a lot less lawyers if more people stood up for what is right and not necessarily what is easy. Just because you don’t feel the same sense of personal backbone to stand up for your rights and property doesn’t mean Hugh should lay down and play dead. I bet if you were floating and your foundation was sinking you would be singing a completely different and far less sanctimonious tune.

    For my money Im glad its not me because I don’t think i’d be as creative as Hugh’s been. I’d have spent $10-15,000 on lawyers by now and Ii’m sure Flores would have just to keep up. Some of you are so willing just to sit by and turn the other creek but at some point you have to draw the line.

    It seems to me that Mr Flores would want to step up and do the right thing and clean up his messes. I suspect the signage directed at that goal would come down. But judging from previous reactions to Mr Braziers repeated attempts to have his rights restored, I suspect Mrs Flores is having the windows measured for new blinds and turret guns installed pointing at Brazier’s garage.

    Theres so many people on high horses here. You are just not that perfect, quit acting all high and mighty. We all have a boiling point, every one of us. Flores is literally destroying Braziers home and garage. The water is ripping apart the foundation. Where would your boiling point be?

    I suspect when a structural damage inspection says the home has become inhabitable that Brazier will then have sufficient enough real and material damages to get a decent contingency lawyer to take the case against Flores and the City. Its Texas and drainage is well established area of law here. A well documented and photographed slam dunk and all over a $1500 french drain. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Come on Flores man up, this isn’t going to get any easier than it is now.

  3. Stephen D. Says:

    It will be interesting to see if Johnny can resist the temptation to respond to Brazier’s last post?

    Mr. Brazier, most West U residents have not flipped a stranger off since they moved to West U. It is conduct most leave behind when they move here.

    You suggest you do it on the freeway with regularity. You are the person I avoid. I am scared of you.

  4. Brazier Says:

    And before you do, read this synopsis.

    Amazing how the destruction of my property has turned into personal insults into how I conduct business. It has nothing to do with the land purchase but individuals keep focusing on it and the private sign in the confines of my private backyard where no citizen walking / driving by could see it, written in pig Spanish directed at an asshole neighbor whose wife and kids don’t speak Spanish. And the City doesn’t find it offensive either, so crawl back under the toad stool from where you came from.

    Let me remind you, Flores was Red Tagged after he brought in more fill than was allowed, not because of the fill but because he side stepped the close out demo permit. The city unbeknownst to them didn’t realize and issued a Green permit. I brought this to the City’s attention; their attitude was it’s been Green tagged so there is nothing wrong. Once I forwarded the photographs of the fill and flooding, no one at the City were willing to conduct a site visit. Why? Because they would have been forced to accept there is a problem and that’s where this all started.

    It’s illegal to bring in more than 500 sq/ft x 2″ per year and also a State Crime to cut off the natural drainage flow from one property to the next. So let’s focus on these 2 main points and the damage which has been caused. I have tried for over a year to get the City to address this, let’s focus on that, they allowed it they should solve it. As you love to throw people under the bus, why don’t you call the City and vent your displeasure at them instead of me. You say “sue”, I’m trying every possible way to resolve this without having to do that whether you like my tactics or not, being provocative gets people’s attention.

    If I did sue, I would be suing Flores and the City, it would inevitably be picked up by the press and WU individual would be running down to City hall complaining to the Mandarins why they’re wasting tax dollars? Why didn’t they try a moderate? Why didn’t they enforce the City landfill code? Right? Well that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, ultimately if I do sue the City and win, you as a tax paying citizen will ultimately pay the price thru increase property taxes.

  5. Brazier Says:

    Johnny boy too late now, don’t tell me, tell that to the prosecutor.

  6. Brokelyn Says:

    One last thought Brazier. As you so often point out, all of this discourse is in the public realm. Nice job ruining the property values of your neighbors. Who the heck would want to live anywhere near you (or Flores for that matter)?!

  7. Brokelyn Says:

    For the record before you ask, I have never flipped anyone off in anger, I have never struck anyone in anger, I have never called anyone out in public (but plenty of times 1 on 1 in private), I have never uttered or displayed a profanity in public, and porn is blocked using software (and common sense) in my household. I’m sure that there are other criteria that would make me a hypocrite in your eyes, but I don’t think that you can justify bad behavior by saying “Well, everyone does it.” Just admit that you believe that boorish behavior is appropriate in civilized society and move on rather than pointing your verbal cannon at everyone else.

    You’ve cited a long list of grievances, but seem to be missing the common sense to hire a lawyer. Quit being a cheapskate and move on with your life. Hire a lawyer and resolve this one way or another. Sounds like you’ve got a great case.

    • Brazier Says:

      I’ll nominate you for Saint Hood. The 1st and only person on this planet who’s never flipped of anyone, but you’ve sworn at people in private, funny that so is my sign only directed at someone in private, why should my sign be any different? As I said you’re a hypocrite. What a bunch of crapulent dribble, Pinocchio. And if dip whit Flores hadn’t got his knickers in a twist and tried to file charges over my 1st Amendment Right, you’d still be clipping your toe nails because this would have never been published. Adding to that, it demonstrates how ill informed our Prosecutor is in not knowing Constitutional law, this should never have been accepted as a complaint. Funny, when I told them I had submitted a formal complaint with the ACLU viola case dismissed.

      I have hired a lawyer but there side doesn’t want to respond, funny how guilty parties do that. It’s not about cheapness, why should I have to spend money when I’ve lived here without incident for 26 years, no flooding issues no foundation problems, no neighbor problems nothing. Why should it be my financial responsibility to sort out a problem that I didn’t create. I feel sorry for the folks that have to live around you.

      As to property values, been smoking meth again, read the other character references of me on the other news story it’s been a pleasure for other residents to live next door to me.

  8. Brazier Says:

    And one other thin Johnny B, I reported your post on the other news story about you wanting hit me on the side of the head with a crow bar…..

    “He needs a crow bar upside his head.”

    ….to Capt. Ken Walker WU Police Chief, you are incredibly dumb for saying that, because if any harm becomes me who’s door are they going to knock on 1st? I’ll tell you, yours. Do you have a good criminal defense lawyer, no, start looking you might need one.

    Is that the mind of a “Nut-Job”? No someone who is sane and rational enough to take threats like that seriously enough to report them to the correct authorities. So if in future your door bell rings I’d panic because something might have happened to me. So who’s calling who a NUT JOB? Are you related to Adam Lanza, Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold?

  9. Brazier Says:

    And so what if I am Johnny B. is that a crime? I stand up for what is right you obviously relish in being walked over. I won, Flores lost, West U Prosecutor proved that. Typical response from a sorry looser in not being able to counter the evidence. Put up or shut up, you know where I live come and say that to me in person, versus the cowardly anonymity of what you consider the internet to be. Not difficult to expose who you are and where you live. Now go back to your crochet.

  10. Brazier Says:

    So how come the City Prosecutor didn’t find it offensive and you do? Looks like you’ve been out voted

    Good morning Mr. Brazier,

    The prosecutor has reviewed the complaint and would like to inform you that no charges will be filed against you in the West University Municipal Court.

    Please let me know, if you have any questions.


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Gaby Perez
    Municipal Court Clerk

    City of West University Place

  11. Brazier Says:

    Translate this Mr Stephen
    Your a Clucking James Blunt, Donald Duck your Finger & Thumb.

    Discounting any post because I used profanity, you are a sorry individual.

  12. Brazier Says:

    He was red tagged for not calling in a post demo permit, by which time he had illegally brought in 50′ x 50′ x 10″. The city didn’t realize because it was packed up against my fence and you couldn’t see the height difference. You are only allowed 500 sq/ft per year which is approx. 12′ x 12′ x 2″

  13. Brazier Says:

    And you’ve never offended anyone? And if you are so offended your skin has to be so thin I’m surprise it can stand atmospheric pressure. Read my post above

  14. Brazier Says:

    So what you’re saying: you have never offended anyone, you’ve never told anyone to f -off, you’ve never shouted any obscenities in a fit of anger, you’ve never given anyone the bird when you got cut off while driving, etc? You’re a Hypocrite. How many porn sites have you looked at in the last month / year? Talk about offensive.

    Kids being exposed, what planet are you living on. His kids could turn on the TV go on-line and will discover more smut, filth, violence in a shorter time than it takes to read my sign and by the way his kids aren’t bi-lingual that’s why I wrote it in Tex Mex Spanish for Mr. Flores. Additionally, the sign means absolutely nothing in several other South American countries or Castilian Spanish, so there goes that argument. It only has a meaning in Tex Mex Spanish. Don’t we speak English here? Aren’t our laws written in English, under English Common Law? I didn’t realize you could be chastised for anything you say in any other foreign language. My backyard, I can do what I want, you build a 2 story house looking into it tough luck on what you see, buy a bungalow instead. What’s the difference if I had sent the HILARIOUS message via email and he looked at it on a computer screen in the privacy of his house? No difference. The sign is in the privacy of my back yard. Off to buy some really offensive nude statues.

    For all you folks that are so distraught over the sign, my advice, go get some counseling you were obviously abused by your parents and or lacked enough breast milk as an infant.

    Put yourself in my shoes, for over a year I have written 6 personal letters, sent 30 to 40 emails to every council member, City inspector, Mayor, City Mgr & Atty and not once did they reply except a single letter from Petrov last Aug saying get lost. I made constant requests to meet the Mandarins in the privacy of their offices to resolve this, no reply. I made constant request to the entire City government for an-site visit, no response. And you chaps keep jumping down my throat over a sign; corner an animal it will bite back. The City asked for it so did Mr & Mrs Flores.

    You tell me how you would feel if the pilings on the back of your house are now unable to support the weight of the slab and all your sheet rock is cracked and you can no longer open your back door. Your garage is completely destroyed due to the flooding because the ground has become so saturated the concrete lost its weight bearing capabilities……and you nutters keep going on about how offensive the sign is. Grow up and be a little more considerate. Thanks for your support (ahem), hope you don’t need mine in future.

    You tell me how you would feel if Flores was threatening to file trumped up charges that I’m a pedophile? I filed an official complaint against him 10-20-2014, call the City and request a copy. You tell me how you would feel if every time you saw Flores he’s shouting obscenities at you and giving you the bird as he drives past your house and this pre dates the sign? You tell me how you would feel when the garage flooded for the 1st time that it destroyed hundreds of $’s worth of tools? You tell how you would feel if you couldn’t get into your car in the garage because it’s sitting in 5” of water? You tell me how you would feel when Flores keeps threatening to try and put you in jail? You tell me how you would feel if Flores told you he wants to destroy your property by flooding you out? You tell me how you would feel if every time you go out to cut the grass or wash your car or do some gardening he’s outside videoing you’re every movement? You tell me how you would feel if you confided in him as a personal friend (we were good friends at one time) and good neighbor what your offering price was for the property and after he said he had no interest in the land, went behind your back and offered more? You tell me how you would feel when he attempted to enter your driveway to run you over? You tell me how you would feel when his top soil is now eroding all over your lawn and turned it into a mud patch? You tell me how you would feel if he set up an infra red camera pointing directly into your back yard, so he can voyeur your every movements, day or night in the privacy of his home? And you think a foreign language sign written in pig Tex Mex directed at him solely is childish or offensive is worse?

    And for the folks that keep bellyaching on about suing him, you obviously have no idea of the exorbitant costs involved? And why should I have to sue to return my property back to the way it was? Can you spell travesty of justice? Or if you’re still so passionate about suing, provide me the finances. How would you feel if this was you Grandmothers house and he was doing this to her, trying to force her to move?

    That said be careful what you say on-line as I stated on the other news story, every post you make is tied to your IP address, which is tied to your SS#, bank account, credit card and ultimately your home or office. Remember Edward Snowden, there is a permanent record and you can be traced.

  15. Lucille Gallman Says:

    Mr. Resident, you present an interesting and probably true theory. If I understand correctly, the builder of the new house had to truck in a lot of dirt to raise the elevation of his property to get a permit. After “a period of time” the only lots not at the new mandated height are the original lots when West U was developed. When I moved into a small house in 1970, all the lots were of the same height. In the 1980s when “new” house construction began, they had higher foundations that caused drainage of rainwater onto the neighboring lower lots and flooding. When the “new” house was constructed next door to me in the early 1990s, my lower lot flooded. At the time, I got the impression from the city of West U that it was my problem, therefore I had drains put in. I prefer to believe that there was not a PLAN all the time to do this.

  16. Brazier Says:

    Here’s the damming (no pun intended)evidence

    What drives me potty is the constant denial the City has made a mistake, do you need an IQ the same size as your shoe to work there?

  17. Brokelyn Says:

    Nicely said, Millie. A neighbor of ours did the same thing to resolve water runoff from a neighbor’s yard. It took one day and minimal cost. Life goes on.

  18. Wolfgang Says:

    Sounds as though a civil suit is in order. If the property is being damaged by the neighbors rebuild and the city authorized the plans, time to name them both in the suit.

  19. Brokelyn Says:

    advocatefortransparency — not sure who you are but Miltonwatchdog has been a long-time contributor to the conversation on this site and while I don’t always agree with him/her, I will say that the comments you made in your attack on them is not at all consistent with Miltonwatchdog’s historical commentary. I think Milton cares about WU.

    Now my 2c on the topic at hand. I feel bad for Flores — they pulled permits and followed the rules/code to transform their piece of WU land into the homestead they wish to live on. If this caused serious problems for Brazier then the burden of responsibility should be on the city planners and inspectors who are charged with applying code to avoid situations exactly like this one. If the code is deficient, then it needs to be changed immediately. If code was broken then the city should come down on Flores to comply. But if the city missed something and allowed Flores to do something that would hurt their neighbor, then the city should be involved in setting the situation straight.

    A good neighbor would certainly attempt to help their neighbor rectify a practical problem that comes up as a result of their actions, but there’s no obligation on them to do so. At this point there’s no telling who “started” this all, but if Brazier is resorting to public displays of profanity then he’s certainly forgotten about the unwritten addendum to the First Amendment — our words have consequences. Cameras, bird-flips, whatever — it’s all fair game once you choose to exercise your right to speak with hate and malice. In the face of frustration, it takes a real man or woman to keep a stiff upper lip, old chap.

    • Brazier Says:

      Don’t feel sorry for Flores he was Red tagged for not calling in a Close Out Demo Permit, by which time he maliciously brought in dump load after dump load of top soil measuring 50′ x 50′ x 10″, you are only allowed 500 sq/ft per annum which is roughly 12′ x 12′ x 2″. Plus along with a host of other obscenities he’s hurled at me, he said it was his personal wish to flood me out

  20. MILLIE FOYE Says:

    We had exactly the same problem when a new house was built on an empty lot next door-years ago. The yard was built up higher and even made to slope toward our yard. The city is not going to do anything about it. The only remedy is to put in underground french drains that will carry the water out to the street culvert which runs into a drain. I strongly suggest that you look into this. It will be worth every penny for your piece of mind.

  21. advocatefortransparency Says:

    Dear Angry Resident,
    It’s obvious you have pent up hatred for some wrong you feel has occurred to you or one of your friends in the past but we love our city staff and elected officials and feel that they do a great job for us. You are correct, they work for ALL of us, not just you. You probably miss the days when this city as a whole was really messed up but you had individuals on staff that took care of you to the detriment of the masses. Sounds like it may be time to move if you are that unhappy.

  22. Miltonwatchdog Says:

    The treatment of this resident by the current Mayor, City Council, City Manager, City Staff and City Attorney is deplorable. I hope the new Council elected in May will “clean house” immediately. We, the residents of West University pay the salary of the City Manager, City Attorney and Paul Wolfe. They need to be reminded they work for us.

    As for Flores, the nasty neighbor, nothing good can come from this for you.

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