Drum roll: Staff to reveal possible new park sites to West U City Council

February 22, 2016 By:George Boehme

Local News

The West University City Council will learn about possible sites for a new neighborhood park at its meeting at 6 tonight in the Municipal Building, 3800 University Blvd.

The proposed new park would be located somewhere south of University Blvd. and between Poor Farm Ditch and Buffalo Speedway.

Council is expected to discuss the merits of the sites and give the Parks Board direction on proceeding on site selection and acquisition.

Also on the agenda is funding of a potential joint parking project with the city of Bellaire that could serve both the West University Recreation Center and Bellaire’s new Evelyn’s Park, which is expected to be completed in September at the corner of Bellaire Boulevard and Newcastle Drive. The lot would be located under the utility easement west of the railroad track that divides the two cities.

For information on the agenda, contact City Secretary Thelma Lenz, 713-662-5813.

3 Responses to “Drum roll: Staff to reveal possible new park sites to West U City Council”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It appears that this leadership is again failing to meet campaign promises. Acquiring parkland has become so complicated that it doesn’t appear this will happen, despite the fact WUP citizens voted to acquire additional parkland. The mayor claims she doesn’t think taxpayers want to spend tax money outside WUP, then immediately requests someone to study how tax money can be spent outside WUP. It is a fact that tax money and resources are currently used outside WUP. The parks director clearly stated he sends WUP employees to HISD that are in need of maintenance, he offers tax resources to South Side Place, and he readily offers the use of tax resources for private parties. I am appalled at the lack of transparency! I happen to know this from attending Board meetings. The fact that our tax resources are inappropriately used is a concern that should be addressed by responsible leadership. If the mayor is ready and willing to offer up additional tax resources (this includes the time spent by employees studying ways to spend tax resources OUTSIDE WUP), then voter need to consider whether this group of people are the people needed to be the fiduciary of our tax resources. I think they are not the people that need to be responsible for our tax resources.
    Another matter, if you were able to hear the presentation of the new park in Bellaire at the city council meeting, you heard how tax resources should be used. This park is self sustaining, in touch with nature, a gathering place for ALL citizens. Bellaire truly has the right idea. While Bellaire is welcoming everyone, WUP is refusing services to senior citizens. While Bellaire has a vision of excellence, WUP parks director shows the same old (a decade) plan of mediocrity. While Bellaire is inspired to include water elements in the new park to attract nature, WUP parks director is more about fences and restrictions. I applaud Bellaire in the planning of a truly well planned space where everyone can come together. Our parks director is eager to point out when you don’t meet financial timelines. Don’t worry, the citizens know you will achieve your
    goals in developing a first class park.

  2. K Says:

    Great. thanks.
    How about the news that a 19 year old was shot and killed while closing up at his pizzeria workplace on Bellaire and Bissonnet? Yes it is a tragedy; yes it is awful news; no it is not pleasant to think about, but it happened and residents should be informed about the REAL news in our area.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree with K, the bad news is brushed under the carpet. Give the staff another award! I have no park within walking distance from my home. IS ANYONE LISTENING? When will the east side of WUP get equal park access? I’ve waited over 60 years. No park in site. Promises, promises from leadership. At every parks board meeting, plans are laid out for the west side of WUP. Tax resources are even offered outside of WUP. The Parks Director is responsible for poor planning. We need a new person in that position. We need someone who listens to the will of the people. Written surveys document clearly what citizens want. Why does the Parks Director ignore the will of the people? Look at the budget to see how much money is allocated for the Senior Center and Parks and Rec. funding. Yet, the parks are below par. Seniors do not have park areas. Hills take up half the space on some parks. Where are the open green spaces the taxpayers request time and again? New staff is needed. We need responsive staff who respond to their customers, the taxpayers, rather than catering to the Parks Director who seems to just spend most of his time on the computer. At least he was able to tell the Senior Board the color of the house owned by someone connected to the Greensheet. Wake up people! Speak up for your right to decide how tax money is spent! Don’t leave it up to the Parks Director who has his own agenda.

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