Ross Withdraws from Missouri City Job Opportunity, He Wants to Stay in West U

July 21, 2015 By:Anne Marie Kilday

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Embattled West U City Manager Michael Ross has withdrawn his name from consideration as one of three finalists for the position of City Manager of Missouri City.

In an email Tuesday to the search firm conducting Missouri City’s recruitment of a new city manager, Ross said that “cooler heads may prevail” on the newly elected West U City Council that had tried to terminate his employment.Michael Ross

“As you may be aware, some incoming West University Place city council members elected earlier this year advised me they intended to take steps to end my employment with West U.  Although my strong desire has always been to work with these and other council members in continuing to make this a great city to live, work, and visit, I had to think of my family and the opportunity to find replacement employment with such a fine city as the City of Missouri City was certainly an attractive alternative, albeit secondary to my desire to stay right where I am,” Ross wrote in his email to Mike Tanner, at Government Resources.

“Recently,, it seems cooler heads may prevail and that at least a majority of council recognizes the value of a dedicated and experienced professional city manager,” Ross wrote. “In light of their reconsideration, I feel I owe it to the Mayor, Council, Staff and most importantly the citizens of West University Place to be sure there is no mistake about my intent and zeal to continue be here as a committed and dedicated public servant for years to come.”

Ross also notified Mayor Susan Sample, the members of the West U City Council, City Attorney Alan Petrov and Richard Rothfelder, the special legal counsel retained by the council to negotiate the terms of Ross’ severance package from West U. And, Ross notified all city department heads about his decision.

InstantNews West U will update with reaction from the mayor and council shortly.




10 Responses to “Ross Withdraws from Missouri City Job Opportunity, He Wants to Stay in West U”

  1. Get out of Dodge Says:

    Guess it didn’t pay enough?!?!

  2. Ted Ferguson Says:

    “cooler heads may prevail”

    No, cooler heads began to realize that in 6 months there would be a recall, and that all their plans would dissolve.

  3. Mike Streitmann Says:

    Perhaps we can build a kiddie city council building in Huffington Park. Kelly, Ballanfant, and Reilly can play city council every day. They can play fire people, play spend tax dollars, and play making laws we don’t need. They would be happy, and perhaps leave everyone else alone. Citizens could take turns delivering punch and cookies. A win-win. Mr. Ross will be here long after those 3 are voted out next election, but they would be welcome at Huffington Park in perpetuity.

  4. Recall Election Says:

    Now we know the four new councilmembers are not only liars, they’re gutless liars. They have all the courage of a cockroach. They will back down at the slightest opposition. A recall of these weasels is still the right action. Otherwise they’ll keep putting West U through aggravation like this.

  5. Tangley Resident Says:

    Who actually supports firing the city manager besides the slate? The slate never said there were going to fire the city manager when they were running. No one I know thinks we should fire the city manager.

    Speak up, people. Who thinks the city manager should be fired?

  6. Will Bertron Says:

    I commend for your decision and resulting statement, and I thank you for your commitment to West U Michael. May we now hope that at least two of the four council members will move forward in the best interest of our City and its valued employees. Those that wanted to be heard have now been heard (and heard, and heard) and it is time to get on with the other business of the City.

  7. WestURes Says:

    PErsonally, we think Michael Ross has done an exemplary job as City manager and were very disheartened to learn that our newly elected city council has been using shady methods to try to oust him from his position. We find it reprehensible that the new city council and mayor are trying to spend OUR money to “persuade” him to leave, then use our money to hire search firms and hire someone else to take his job, which he has been doing very well for several years. Maybe our new city council and mayor have lots of things to hide from we, the taxpayers???

    • Jan Kellogg Says:

      If you had been paying attention, you would know that our mayor Susan Sample, had NOTHING to do w this shameless abuse of power. It was only because SHE had the courage to stand up to these bullies and expose them that things have not turned out any worse than they have. It’s bad enough that the “Slate” has conducted itself so disgracefully and shown such ingratitude for living in a really great community. If it weren’t for Mayor Sample, they could easily have gotten away w this mess and inflicted even more damage, and no one would ever have been the wiser. She IS looking out for us!

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