MASSIVE LEAK: Lake West University Place

January 11, 2014

Local News


Lake West University Place

Lake West University Place

Saturday morning a water pipe leak caused an explosion of water that resulted in a lake like mass of water on the northeast quadrant of the West University Elementary School campus.

It started from this leak

It started from this leak

4 Responses to “MASSIVE LEAK: Lake West University Place”

  1. LHG Says:

    I can’t recall anything like that happening around the school going back sixty something years. However, in the 1940s when it rained everything flooded. Kids loved it. The infrastructure work done in the 1990s was a smart move by the city and probably prevents like events. I assume HISD will fix the problem. At least West U doesn’t get sinkholes.

  2. Says:

    I took my canoe out there. The fishing was poor.

  3. Colonial Colonel Says:

    Can;t blame this one on the drainage system, I wonder why there was so much water in Poor Farm Ditch.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    It was one of the highlights while we were making cars for the pinewood derby

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