A Day Late, Seniors Board to Consider Fee Inceases

November 27, 2013 By:George Boehme

Local News

There is a Special Senior Board Meeting on December 4 at 2:00 pm in the Community Building Senior Room at 6104 Auden Street.

The meeting is to discuss proposed fee increases for West University Place senior citizens to use Colonial Park pool and the West University Recreation Center.

The special meeting was called because of criticism that the Senior Board had not been consulted about the proposed increases.

West University Place parks and recreation director Tim O’Connor fell on his sword at the December 18 meeting of the City Council for the oversight. So on December 4, the West University Place Seniors Board will discuss the proposed fee increases for West U senior citizens’ use of the Colonial Park pool and The West University Recreation Center.

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One Response to “A Day Late, Seniors Board to Consider Fee Inceases”

  1. It'sTheLaw Says:

    Did he fall on his sword because he had to walk into the street to get around an SUV blocking the sidewalk?
    There is NO active enforcement, especially of corner lot driveways.
    WHEN will City Council deal with all BLOCKED sidewalks?
    Hopefully before a senior or child or anyone is run over.

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