Updated: West U Police Officer Arrested By West U Police

April 20, 2012 By:InstantNewsWestu Staff

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A veteran West University Place police sergeant has been arrested by his own department, charged with breach of computer security after he reportedly hacked into his estranged wife’s computer.


Sgt. John Guerra was charged in Harris County District Court on the misdemeanor count.

According to court documents, Guerra covertly installed a program on his estranged wife’s computer to track her Internet use. Guerra and his wife are reportedly in the process of getting a divorce.

“WUPD recently received a complaint from Officer John Guerra’s wife that he had hacked her computer by installing a program that monitors activity.  As soon as we received the complaint, he was placed on administrative leave with pay until the case was resolved,” Police Chief Ken Walker said in a statement. “An administrative investigation to determine the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken has been initiated.”

Guerra was booked into the Harris County jail and released on a $500 bond.


11 Responses to “Updated: West U Police Officer Arrested By West U Police”

  1. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Unfortunately, divorces are nasty and the offense Officer Guerra is accused of has nothing to do with his ability to act as a West U officer. However, as long as others at City Hall are allowed to secretly record telephone conversations with residents, officials, media, etc.,, monitoring the wife’s computer is not nearly as creepy.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Trust me I’ve lived in W U for about 4 yrs. Had an incident in W U and because at the time I lived in River Oaks W U didnt investigate and only immediately backed their own. I was able to prove w emails. texts, pictures ect that W U was dead wrong. If only they took just 1 day, maybe even 2 hours to investgate. Again there are a FEW im sure who are good, but too many jump to conclussions and they dont wait to hear both sides of the story. Just glad they have arested many of their own who go outside the law and lie.

  3. Shocked by Southside Police Behavior Says:

    I know nothing about Sergeant Guerra and have no comment about this situation and have never had any issue with WestU police. In fact they were very polite (didn’t laugh at me) when I reported a hurt animal to them. I live in WestU. However, the Southside cops, or at least some of them, including their leader from several years ago (don’t know if there has been a personnel change) is another matter. The Southside cops will “protect their own” even without gathering the facts or understanding the situation. I wouldn’t trust the Southside police one iota, especially given its leadership. They are unprofessional and frankly not very bright based upon my observation of them and past reported stories and shouldn’t be trusted. In regards to the Southside police, thank goodness for the judicial system which makes the police just another witness whose credibility needs to be ascertained as opposed to letting the Southside police act as judge, jury and executioner as they apparently believe themselves qualified. Unfortunate that one incident has colored my perception of Southside police but they reap what they sow.

  4. ANO2 Says:

    And what if when that truth prevails, it shows he did something illegal? Still going to support him because he is a “good guy” ?

    • ANO Says:

      @ANO2 …..yes, he has alot of support. Regardless, some people are just out to sue/divorce/gold dig whenever they can. It’s a shame….

  5. Anonymous Says:

    For such a small community we had a lot of dirty cops. From illegally pulling people over and lying about where they pulled people over , just to have the dash cam prove the cops lied. There are a few good ones, but think alot begin to think they are above the law. As many as we have had , it is nice to see the department does arrest and prosecute them as opposed to covering up.

  6. ANO Says:

    John has alot of support…..the truth will prevail.

    • JH Says:

      No one should jump to conclusions. Anyone can be accused of anything and have their reputation tarnished / destroyed. If we were accused of something, we would want a fair trial. Sgt. Guerra deserves a fair trial. He is innocent until proven guilty. I think that a lot of people are fast to reach judgment on someone (based upon the defendant’s racial, financial, power, social status, etc). . . until someone accuses them of something. Consequently, I wouldn’t be so fast to declare that Sgt. Guerra is either guilty or that he will be cleared since he may not.

  7. Karl Caillouet Says:

    If only we would pursue our congresscritters in such an officious manner.

    • Sherry Says:

      Sargent Guerra is a wonderful,longstanding, and very competent west u police officer ..I am sure anyone would act a little irrationally when your spouse requests a divorce. I hope he is back on duty soon.

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