West U’s parks director Tim O’Connor is retiring

August 24, 2016 By:Charlotte Aguilar

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Tim O'Connor

West University’s longtime Parks and Recreation Director Tim O’Connor announced Wednesday, “with bittersweet emotion,” that he will retire at the end of February 2017.

He said he worked out the six-month notice with City Manager Chris Peifer “in the best interest of operations and all concerned.”

“Please know that I am totally committed to working with the city manager and current City Council in regard to facilitating their direction for the transition of the leadership of the Parks and Recreation Department,” he said in his resignation message.

Tim O'Connor

Tim O’Connor

4 Responses to “West U’s parks director Tim O’Connor is retiring”

  1. David Says:

    Annymous you are so transparent! Best of luck Tim and thank you.

    David Dutch

  2. Joan Johnson Says:

    I take this opportunity wish Tim and his wife the very best on their future endeavors. He will definitely be missed when the time comes. His performance and input has definitely been an asset to the City of WUP. Tim has a straight forward style of management that works well and I have always found him to be a person of the highest integrity. Tim, thank you for your outstanding service to WUP. Joan Johnson

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Best news ever! Maybe the next Parks director will provide service to each and every taxpayer, not spend most of the time on the computer, and will be fiscally responsible. Seniors deserve a place where they feel welcomed, not met with staff who act like they are intruding when Seniors simply ask for a cup of coffee in the Senior Center. Seniors are not supported on the Senior Tax Exemption. There is no “Senior Park”, The majority of parkland and money is spent on the west side of this city. Maybe the next Parks director will listen to the citizens and the will of the people, instead of putting up unnecessary fences around this city, spending outrageous sums of money to replace adequate lighting, buying trees because they were on sale, ignoring fires on the Senior bus trip, and ignoring buses breaking down on a busy highway until it became a reoccurring theme. This city needs someone who is fair and will address problems when they are small, rather than “fanning the flames”.
    I look forward to new leadership. It is long overdue.

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