Deja vu: West U police chief is finalist to be Galveston’s top cop

April 17, 2016 By:Charlotte Aguilar

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5 Responses to “Deja vu: West U police chief is finalist to be Galveston’s top cop”

  1. Disgusted voter Says:

    Let’s get a police chief who will enforce parking laws without a resident having to ask “Pretty please?”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Best news ever! I look forward to the next chapter in police leadership. WUP taxpayers need strong police leadership, who puts citizens first, without the use of brutal force. With rising crime in this area, changes are needed. It makes no sense to give the police chief an enormous raise when crime statistics show an increase in crime. WUP needs a police chief who leads with wisdom, not brutality. WUP tax payers demand results. The main job of the police is to keep citizens safe. This is lacking in WUP.

    • Brokelyn Says:

      Brutal force?? You must be thinking of a different city. Or perhaps you’re not familiar with what brutal force really looks like. I have a buddy who can rent you a room on the South Side of Chicago if you’d like to get educated.

  3. David Says:

    Good luck Chief!

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