WULL Champs’ Parade Thursday

August 25, 2009
The WULL Senior All-Stars celebrate their win in the World Series.

The WULL Senior All-Stars celebrate their win in the World Series.

West U’s Wonder Kids from the World Series will be honored with a city parade at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, the West U City Council agreed Monday.

West U City Manager Michael Ross said that’s the best time for the team members to participate in local festivities. Elected officials and candidates at the local and state level are being invited to participate, Ross said.

“We did meet with Little League representatives today to talk about the wonderful championship of the West U Little League Seniors, and it was fairly frantic,” Ross said.

The city is still celebrating the Senior Division All-Stars, who defeated teams from California, Wisconsin, Italy, Aruba and the Asia-Pacific region in the tournament held last week in Maine. The Senior Division All-Stars are the first West U team to win the World Series of Little League for players in the age 14-17 age bracket.

In a community built around the baseball diamond, the team’s showing gave the City Council plenty of pride and reason to brag about their backyard Boys of Summer.

Councilman George Boehme made a motion to hold the parade, saying:

“I think we should do whatever is appropriate to honor this great victory for our city.”

In addition to agreeing to the parade, the council members also agreed to ante up for a $500 advertisement in a local newspaper – after Councilman Steven Segal suggested they divide up the cost and pay for the ad personally, instead of using city funds.

Noting Mayor Bob Kelly’s absence from Monday’s meeting, Boehme quipped: “That will teach teach Bob to not show up at these meetings again.”

The All-Stars will ride in convertibles and on a flat-bed trucks, a West U firetruck will be included in the procession, and city police vehicles will accompany the team. The West U Rotary Club is planning to put American flags along the parade route, from Rutgers, down University Blvd. to Paul Wallin field.

Ross said that the mayor has guaranteed his attendance at the parade.

“He’ll be here on his Harley, with his flags behind him,” Ross said.

The WULL Senior All-Stars’ championship could not have been possible without the strong support of the residents and city of West University Place, said Tri-Sports Association president Bob McLamb.

More than 65,000 youths participate in Senior Division Little League baseball, “and this truly is a world championship,” McLamb said.

McLamb said the team members “are just coming down” from their victory.

“I think they might have come down a little bit this morning — since they all had to go back to school,” McLamb said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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