With Rash of Aggravated Robberies in Bellaire, West U Residents Reminded to Trust Their Senses

February 14, 2012

With a recent rash of aggravated robberies in nearby Bellaire, West U residents are reminded to exercise caution and trust their senses.

Capt. Thad Olive told InstantNewsWestU that residents should keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and pay attention to their instincts.

While West U has not had any aggravated robberies recently, Bellaire has had three in the last month.

Police are investigating robberies that occurred in the 5400 block of Braeburn on Jan. 14, the 4300 block of Phil on Jan. 18 and the 5300 block of Holly on Feb. 13.

Two men were out walking on Jan. 14 when four men approached the residents, demanding money. One of the residents was punched in the face and the other was stabbed in the back with an inch-long blade.

On Jan. 18, a resident arrived home in a taxi cab when a car pulled up and blocked the cab in the driveway. A male suspect held the cab driver and the passengers at gunpoint while a second female suspect demanded money.  The male suspect fired a shot into the cab and the bullet grazed the leg of the driver.

On Monday, Feb. 13 a resident came out of his house and was getting in his car when a man approached him, demanding money at gunpoint. When the suspect tried to flee, a neighbor chased after the man and held him for police.

Olive reminded West U residents to conceal money before leaving a bank and to not leave purses in vehicles.

Olive also said that if something seems out of the ordinary to call the police.

“Don’t be afraid to call us,” he said.

To report suspicious activity, call 713-668-0330.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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