Wine Time: West U-Bred Wine Celeb Ray Isle Talks Texas Wine

March 8, 2012

“I grew up in West University, and later in the Braeswood/Meyerland area,” said Food & Wineexecutive wine editor Ray Isle when he and I chatted over email yesterday. “I left Houston after college — I went to Rice, which is also where my dad taught — and moved to Austin to be in a crappy band.”

It’s a good thing that the music thing didn’t work out for Ray: These days, you might catch him on The Today Show, tasting and chatting about wine, or you might stumble upon the column he authors for the CNN food blog And, of course, appearing on the masthead of Food & Wine magazine as its executive wine editor since 2005 would make any Texas mother proud.

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InstantNewsWestu Staff

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