Wife of West U mayor pro tem attacked and robbed

Yesterday, the wife of West University Mayor Pro Tem Bob Kelly was attacked and robbed at their home in the 3700 block of Plumb St.

The crime occurred on National Night Out, an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make neighborhoods a safer, better place to live.

West University Place Mayor Pro Tem Bob Kelly

West University Place Mayor Pro Tem Bob Kelly

At 8:35 PM, the West University Place Police Department responded to two 911 calls. Mrs. Kelly reported to police that she had driven home from the Apple Store. As she was walking towards her front door, she saw three black men running towards her.

The suspects pushed the victim to the ground, then took her purse and jewelry. The suspects ran eastbound to a dark pick-up truck parked on the north side of the street. They getaway truck then drove east on Plumb St., then turned left onto Edloe St.

Mrs. Kelly suffered minor cuts and scrapes.

The suspects were described as three black males; two were wearing a white tank top shirt.

Mayor Pro Tem Kelly was in Austin attending a Texas Municipal league conference when the attack occurred. He immediately drove home to be with his wife.

WU  Police said Mrs. Kelly was apparently a victim of “jugging.” “Jugging” is when someone follows someone from a bank, cell phone store, mall or any other place that could indicate they are carrying valuables. When they get home, the criminals rob them.

WU police ask that you call 911 whenever you see a vehicle following you and drive straight to the police department at 3800 University Blvd.

George Boehme

George Boehme is the Managing Partner of InstantNewsWestU.com and West University Essentials magazine.

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  1. Vince
    October 17, 23:12 Vince

    Someone mention Brennan Reilly ? West U baptist offered to add 80 parking spots in return for the land swap (in which the city gained 5000 SF more lend than they gave up.) Reilly demagogued and distorted the issue to get elected and now every Sunday morning cars are parked in front of houses and we have the same ugly truck depot. Reilly supports the most costly, hair brained schemes and gets the city sued, costs us money by firing the City Attorney . He supported using tax dollars to pay for the legal costs of private citizens – no doubt his supporters. Before the city fell into good favor with the parks donation, he supported selling our most valuable asset outside the city limits to finance new parks. the city to raise money for new parks. He has little actual support on campus.
    Reilly has to go !

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  2. Donna Field
    October 06, 21:11 Donna Field

    Dear Bob and Linda, I am so very sorry to hear about what happened. It must have been so frightening. I hope you are alright and I will keep you in my prayers for complete recovery. Take care.
    Donna Field

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  3. Anonymous
    October 06, 15:28 Anonymous

    Also, instead of installing a camera to watch the Parks directors car, perhaps we could listen to taxpayers who ask for cameras on certain strategic points at the perimeter of WUP?

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  4. WUP Resident
    October 06, 08:20 WUP Resident

    Terrible! Hope she’s doing better. We really need to hire more police officers. I jog almost every evening but in the last 2 years have only once or twice seen a police patrol car. Even if our tax rates are raised a bit, I’m sure most residents wouldn’t mind if we use that money toward hiring more officers.

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    • Anonymous
      October 10, 11:02 Anonymous

      Since you do not get involved in city budget matters, I will inform you that the 2017 budget states additional police to be added. At a city council meeting, the police chief stated no additional police are needed. Current police need to be managed better. Instead of sending police on unnecessary calls to drag Seniors off their own front porch, dragging Seniors out of their church bathroom, or spending time outside this city where crime is escalating, police could patrol our streets, protect our citizens and property. The police chief wants to impose additional rules on select Seniors. If they do not agree, city services are denied! Citizens should look at the work history of Ken Walker prior to coming to WUP. This city needs FAIR leadership! We don’t need leaders who punish law abiding taxpayers they hold a grudge with or want to bully and control. When it is time to vote, vote for FAIR, FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE leadership. I will not be voting for anyone currently in office. By the way, I do mind taxes being raised when tax money is managed the way it is currently managed.

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