West University Place Seventh Grader Seeks Donations To Help Children Affected By Hurricane Ike

September 30, 2008

In the wake of Hurricane Ike, West University Place seventh grader Connor Albert is helping to figure out a way to help the children affected by Ike.

He has created the “Kids helping Kids” campaign to aid the children that
Are being cared for by Children’s Protective Services in Harris County. On any given day, CPS has more than 10,000 girls and boys under their care. Since the hurricane, the needs of these children has grown even greater.

Albert is asking for the public to donate items specifically for these children, from newborns to teens. Connor is looking for donations of new, simple toys such as crayons, construction paper, board games, books, decks of cards and stuffed animals. Also needed are non-perishable, child-friendly foods like that kids like to eat. And, there is a great need for mosquito repellant so children can play
outside safely. Connor is asking that the donations be given directly to BEAR.BE A Resource for CPS Kids. BEAR is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) public/private partnership that provides emergency goods and services directly to children under the care of CPS. All donations will be taken directly out into the community by CPS caseworkers and given to the children.

“After the hurricane, it was difficult being in a house without electricity,” said Albert, a seventh-grade student at Presbyterian School. “I was trying to entertain my 2-year-old little brother, and it was hard to do without our lights on and without air conditioning. Once we got our power back, I felt sorry for all the other kids who did not have their power and were hot and bored and needed some entertainment.”

BEAR became the perfect fit for Connor’s campaign. Mary Green, the director of BEAR, says that they are desperately in need of donations right now as a direct result of the hurricane.

“Most of the abused and neglected children we serve are living in poverty every day and the wrath of the hurricane has only increased their needs,” said Green. “Every day, our caseworkers are asking for the most basic of items just to help the children get by until their situation stabilizes.”

“The problems facing these kids are much bigger than what I went through,” said Albert. “Doing this makes me feel like Santa Claus. I just hope more
people will help make donations and help look out for these children, too.”

All donations can be delivered to the BEAR office, 2223 West Loop South, Houston, Texas 77027. For more information, call BEAR at 713-940-3087 or visit: www.bearesourcehouston.org

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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