West University Friends & Neighbors Guild Looking For Input, New Members

September 18, 2009

Friends of West University Place Parks Fund, Inc. and West University Parks & Recreation Department have announced a partnership forming the West University Friends & Neighbors Guild.  This guild, formerly called Friends Guild, will broaden its scope to promote community throughout all of West University.  West U. residents are invited to the kick-off meeting and coffee at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 30 at 4230 Judson Ave.

 According to representatives, there are many new benefits to particiating in the renamed guild.  Current members participate in the fundraising and social activities of Friends, such as volunteering to help with small jobs on events and getting together four times a year for a coffee and meeting.  In addition to volunteerism and social opportunities, the new group will also offer recreational opportunities to include being a part of a play group, bunko group, tennis club or book club.  A member can help shape the activities and programs in the community.
“Come to the first meeting of the Guild and see the many benefits of this dynamic organization,” said Guild Chair Adrienne Vanderbloemen. “Get to know your West U. friends and neighbors through social activities, gatherings, recreational activities, and volunteerism. We invite you to be a part of West University Friends & Neighbors Guild.  The Guild is a benefit to living in West U.”

At the meeting Sept. 30 Adrienne Vanderbloemen and Parks & Recreation Board Vice Chair Janine Schueppert will brainstorm ideas in an effort to discover new ways to meet the needs of West U. residents and families, and have requested input from residents. 

Schueppert  will provide an update on improvements to Colonial Park and the West University Recreational Center, and more information on the changing face of the Friends Guild, now called West University Friends & Neighbors Guild, will be provided.  Changes to guild membership and new benefits information will be provided. The meeting starts at 9:30 with coffee and social time and the discusssion/program begins at 10 a.m. concluding by 11 a.m. 

 The West University Friends & Neighbors Guild’s objective is to support the growth of West U . Parks through volunteer activities and social and recreational opportunities. The Guild meets four times per school year, and the meetings are hosted at private West U. homes.  All West University residents are invited to join West University Friends & Neighbors Guild.  For more information about this meeting or joining the Guild, contact Donna LaMond at 713-622-5396, e-mail FriendsGuild@WestUParks.org, or visit www.westuparks.org. E-mail FriendsGuild@WestUParks.org to RSVP for the meeting.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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