West U Will Look First To Local Businesses For City Procurement Practices

August 24, 2010

At last night’s meeting, the West U City Council unanimously approved looking first to local businesses during city procurement efforts.

Council approved the resolution following little to no discussion.

Councilmember George Boehme asked for the resolution to have the city manager look first to local businesses for procurement practices after he decided that his business, Edloe Street Café and Deli or Edloe Café Express, would no longer cater for the city.

Boehme came to the decision to no longer cater for the city after Mayor Bob Kelly said in a council meeting on July 19 that the city was seen in a negative light for having his business as the concessionaire for Colonial Park Pool. Kelly told council on July 19 that he hoped staff would reach out to other vendors when choosing a caterer for city events.

To read the story about Boehme no longer catering for West U, click here.

In a series of public emails, Kelly asked City Attorney Alan Petrov if Boehme had a conflict of interest in requesting the resolution to look first to local businesses because he owns a business in West U.

Boehme was found to not have a conflict of interest because he was no longer going to cater for the city.

Kelly made this statement in a series of public emails to council on Aug. 5:

“I want to make clear to Council that I have no problem with promoting West U businesses. However, there are a number of businesses out side of West U whose owners/employees live and pay taxes in West U and which citizens/businesses have provided large support for our churches, schools, youth sports, and the City.  We need to treat them fairly also. This is indeed a slippery slope and careful consideration should be given to this action before proceeding. Any such Resolution should be free from any reasonable attack of self dealing, and should treat all our citizens fairly regardless of where their business is located.”

Kelly did not make any comment during last night’s meeting regarding procurement practices.

Following last night’s approval from council, City Manager Michael Ross will look first to local businesses when practicable for the city’s procurement practices.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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