West U Steps Up Skeeter Spraying — Again!

September 11, 2014

The mosquito population is driving everybody crazy, so the city of West University Place is taking action.
Due to the recent increase in mosquito activity, the city of West U will be doubling up weekly sprayings for the next three weeks. Additional mosquito sprayings are scheduled for today, as well as Thursday, September 18, and Thursday, September 25.
All sprayings take place between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Monday sprayings will remain unchanged.
The mosquito spray is spread by air circulation, and depending on the thickness of a block’s tree canopy and spacing between homes, there is a possibility the spray may not reach every rear yard. To help minimize the mosquito population, please take a few minutes to look at your yard to ensure that there are no areas where mosquitoes are breeding by following these tips:
• Remove/empty containers that can hold water, such as, flower pots, buckets, toys and plastic swimming pools.
• Bird baths and pet water bowls should be changed at least twice a week.
• Keep rain gutters clean and free of debris to prevent standing water.
• Repair leaks in irrigation system to prevent moist/damp areas in your yard.
• Report standing water behind the curb via online request, on the city’s website and just “Click West U.” For questions about West U’s spraying, please contact Gerardo Barrera
by email or call (713) 662-5395.
In the meantime, keep mosquito repellent near your doors.