West U Seeking Feedback on Consolidating Polling Locations

November 26, 2012

The City of West U is considering consolidating the number of election polling places throughout the city from four to one.

By consolidating the number of polling places, the city could realize reduced costs associated with holding city elections. The total cost associated with hosting four polling locations on Election Day is $4,120; the total cost associated with one location would be $1,391. With consolidation, the city would save $2,729.

Consolidation could be effective in West U because voter turnout is smaller at the city election; and the ballot is usually shorter, the voter can complete it more quickly, and as a result, more voters can be accommodated at a polling place.

During the 2011 city election, approximately 1,874 voters turned out of 10,379 registered voters. City staff feels that one polling location will be sufficient to handle this number of voters. With one polling location, it is estimated that the maximum wait time on Election Day would be five minutes.

It is anticipated that city hall may be the most viable option due to adequate parking, space for equipment, and its central location. This would allow early voting set up at city hall to remain in place for Election Day. No decision has yet been made regarding location of the one polling place.

Council and city staff are seeking resident input regarding polling location consolidation and are asking residents to take a minute to complete a brief survey about potential polling consolidation at www.westutx.gov/polling-survey.

If the council decides to consolidate polling locations before the May 2013 General Election, action must be taken at or before the city council meeting on Dec.10.

This allows time for submission to, and an answer from, the Department of Justice before the deadline to order the election.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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