West U. Rotary Installs 2008-09 Officers And Directors

June 6, 2008

The West U. Rotary Club recently installed the officers and directors for 2008-09. Sue Mass and Vanessa Lanceley planned the event, which took place at the United Way Community Center on Waugh Drive. Niko Niko’s catered the event, and the win was chosen by outgoing president Rick Shanks.

Incoming officers and directors include: President Dee Ullrich, President Elect Ronnie Hallenberger, Vice President John Collier, Past President Rick Shanks, Club Secretary Greg Faldyn, Club Treasurer Cecile Schutter, Board Secretary Linda Holter and Sgt. at Arms Marvin Beasley.

Board members completing their terms include Emilie Booth and Honey Leveen. Newly elected board members (3-year terms) include Kathy Kokas and Carl Stutts. Board members appointed for the 2008-09 year include Ken Walker and Terry Ziegler. Board members continuing terms include Laney Littlejohn, Don Raskin, Julia Cauthorn, Philip Bryant, Leslie Cauffman, Sharon Williams and Linda Holter. Ronnie Hallenberger was named Rotarian of the Year, and Sue Mass was named Rookie of the Year.

Randy Bullard, John Collier, Bob Fry, Jerry Gips, Linda Holter, Posey Parker, Don Raskin, Scot Richter, Russ Schulze, Ray Schutter, Janice Stooksberry, Dee Ullrich, Dana Tucker, Cecile Schutter, Gene McFaddin, Geoff Lanceley, Bob Geary and Judy Harwell were named Pillars of the Community.

Outgoing officers and directors are Outgoing West U. Rotary officers (2007-08) include President Rick Shanks, President Elect Dee Ullrich, Vice President Ronnie Hallenberger
Past President Margit Winstrom, Club Secretary Don Raskin, Club Treasurer Russ Schulze, Board Secretary Philip Bryant and Sgt. at Arms Scot Richter.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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