West U Resident Hosts ‘Mini Design Flea’ On Saturday

June 24, 2010

Linsey Hasenbank, owner and designer of LLH Designs, is hosting a Mini Design Flea at her home in West U on Saturday.

When people walk into West U resident Linsey Hasenbank’s home they often take a look around and say, ‘Did you do this yourself?’

Hasenbank, owner and designer of LLH Designs, an independent stationery and card company and blogger, doesn’t have any interior design experience but her home says differently.

After holding an open house for her stationery company in May, fellow blogger and West U resident, Tricia White, known as Morning T on her blog, said they should get together and sell some of their things at a home sale.

Hasenbank got in touch with her other blogger friend, interior designer Holly Mathis, and their idea for a mini design flea was formed.

“We’re all just inspired ladies that thought this was doable,” Hasenbank said.

Hasenbank, Mathis and Morning T will be holding a Mini Design Flea from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday at the Hasenbank residence, rain or shine. They will be selling their own personal treasures and high end items at less than retail price. The home sale is not a garage sale, Hasenbank said.

For directions to the flea and the address click here.

Whole Foods, 4004 Bellaire Blvd., is donating lemonade and cinnamon crumble muffins for refreshments at the design flea.

Stationery from LLH Designs will be for sale on Saturday, along with original artwork from local artist, Holly Lewis Hudley.

Hasenbank has made it her personal commitment to put half of her LLH Design sales toward a “mini home makeover” for Prince and Sheila Couisnard, co-founders of The Forge.

The Couisnard’s always have kids who don’t have families coming to their home in the third ward, Hasenbank said.

“Prince and Sheila are like everyone’s mom and dad in the third ward,” she said.

Hasenbank and her husband wanted to do something nice for them since they do so much for others. Her husband has been helping do home repairs.

Hasenbank is going to use the money from the home sale to buy Sheila some new linens, a few small rugs and some window treatments, among other things.

Hasenbank said that the Couisnard’s would never ask for anything and whenever she and her husband ask how they can help, they always tell them about someone else who’s in need.

The Couisnard’s have no idea that she’s going to be donating her earnings from the home sale for new items for their home.

Hasenbank will also have a donation jar at the sale for anyone who wants to donate to help send an inner city child to Kamp Kanakuk in Missouri with The Forge. The cost to send one child to camp is $200. Hasenbank said she hopes there will be enough donations to send at least one child to camp.

“If you love Houston, you have to care [about The Forge],” she said. “The inner city seems so far away, but it’s not.”

When Hasenbank started walking through her house, picking out things for the home sale, she realized her possessions don’t define her.

“Everything is a gift from God,” she said. “My motivation for everything I do is to use the gifts God’s given me.”

Hasenbank is excited about the sale and hopes that the people who attend will find treasures for themselves.

“I hope that happens,” she said.

For those who can’t attend the sale but would like to make a donation to The Forge for summer camp, write a check for any amount to “The Forge” with summer camp as the memo. Mail checks to LLH Designs, 3827 Arnold St., Houston, TX 77005.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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