West U Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday With Family And Friends

September 16, 2010

West U resident Lora Rhein celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends. She is pictured here with her four caregivers.

West University Place resident Lora Rhein celebrated her 100th birthday amongst family, friends and neighbors in her Tangley Road home on Monday, Sept. 13.

Each guest was asked to bring a single flower to become part of a bouquet, which are now in vases around her home.

“It was wonderful,” Rhein said.

Being surrounded by her family and friends was her favorite part about turning 100.

“It feels happy,” Rhein said about turning 100. “I’ve had a wonderful life.”

Rhein was born in Center, Texas in September of 1910.

She met her husband John in 1935 and they were later married at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in downtown Houston in 1939.

They bought their home in West U in 1941 when it was still considered out in the country.

Rhein was a secretary for a doctor and her husband was the president of Federal Intermediate Credit Bank in Houston.

They have a daughter, Anne, who attended West U Elementary and Lamar High School. Anne went on to attend the University of Texas and became a stock broker. She married Paul Hailes and they have a son, Andrew.

Anne said the Tangley Road house was the place to hang out when she was growing up; the fridge was always stocked with Cokes.

Rhein and her husband enjoyed traveling together and would often drive to Las Vegas. They weren’t really big into gambling, but enjoyed taking in shows and people watching.

When John Rhein died in 1984, she started volunteering at St. Anthony’s Hospital and The Woman’s Hospital.

Up until she was in her mid-80s, Rhein would ride her bicycle with a friend through West U. She stopped because she thought it looked silly, Anne said.

Anne attributes her mother’s longevity to always eating well. She still drinks two glasses of wine a day – one with lunch and one with dinner.

The family usually celebrates birthdays by going out to dinner, but this year friends insisted they celebrate Rhein’s 100th with a party.

“She’s never really been focused on age,” Anne said.

Rhein received flowers, cards and emails from friends and family all wanting to remember her on her special day. She even received a birthday note from the White House.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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