West U Property Considered for Parkland May Have a Buyer

April 10, 2013

Two West U properties that the city has been considering for a future park may have a new buyer.

The properties, 3619 Pittsburgh and 3615 Pittsburgh, have been on the market since last year. According to HAR, the properties are listed as “option pending.” The properties are currently listed for $3.6 million.

The properties are owned by the family of Clifford Ownby and are located on Pittsburgh by Poor Farm Ditch. The land is about 38,553 square feet, or roughly one acre.

The owners had a “For Sale by Owner” sign on the property last August, but started listing the property with John Daugherty Realtors in February.

The city has considered purchasing the property for future parkland for years.

City Manager Michael Ross told InstantNewsWestU.com that the specific ownership of the property is not the issue for the city. The city will work with whoever owns the property if that is council’s decision, but right now there is no discussion to move forward with that specific site, he said.

The council recently discussed the possibility of buying five lots in the Mercer/Pittsburgh area that could someday be assembled together for a park, including the two properties owned by the Ownby family.

Most recently the city considered purchasing 6522 Mercer, 6528 Mercer and 6532 Mercer, but decided not to move forward with the purchase. The cost of all three lots was more than $2 million.

If the city were to pursue purchasing all of the five lots in the Mercer/Pittsburgh area it would cost about $5.6 million, plus the cost of development.

West U voters approved a $2 million bond program for parkland in 2006, which could be used to purchase land if council chooses, Ross has told InstantNewsWestU.com in past interviews.

Council has indicated that they would like to bring the bond referendum back to voters before spending the $2 million.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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