West U polling locations for tomorrow

March 5, 2018

Political ads have flooded mailboxes and television programming, and now West University Place residents will vote Tuesday (March 6) to select party nominees for important county, state and federal posts.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at four West U precinct locations — and you must vote at your assigned precinct. Voters will be asked to choose a Democratic or Republican ballot, and for any positions which will require a runoff May 2 to decide the nominee, will have to vote in that same party.

Up for election are a number of judicial posts at state and county levels, state jobs including West U’s state representative and senator up to attorney-general and governor; county judge and who will represent Bellaire in the U.S. Congress and Senate.

To learn I.D. requirements or see a sample ballot for each party, visit harrisvotes.com.

Precinct 15
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
5308 Buffalo Speedway

Precinct 87
West U Scout House
6108 Edloe Street

Precinct 133
West University Elementary School
3756 University Blvd. @ Edloe

Precinct 183
West University Community Center
6104 Auden

George Boehme

George Boehme is the publisher of InstantNewsWestU.com and West University Essentials magazine.

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