West U Police Report

December 19, 2014

Police in West University had a very busy week, with several car crashes into buildings or other vehicles.

On Friday, December 12, West U officers were called to the 4200 block of Byron about an assault in progress.  Upon arrival, officers located and separated the fighting

parties. One subject admitted to striking the other subject, but the victim did not claim any injury or want to pursue charges. No injuries were observed on either subject. The Harris County District Attorney’s office declined charges for assault. A citation was issued to the subject who admitted to physical contact for assault – bodily injury. One party left for the night with a friend.

On Saturday, December 13, an officer responded to a 5:15 a.m. burglary alarm at a business in the 5700 block of Kirby. Upon arrival, police determined that an unknown person had forced entry into the building and that multiple items had been stolen.

Later that day, an officer was dispatched to the 3500 block of Rice in regard to a report that a vehicle had crashed into a home. The officer determined that the actual home had not been damaged, but a vehicle had driven over a landscaping wall and onto the yard of the home. The case was listed as criminal mischief.

On Sunday, West U residents went to the police department to report a threat via email. The victims stated they received an email from an unknown person threatening them and requesting money. The officer gathered information for the report and provided the victims with a case number.

Also on Sunday, officers were dispatched to the 2800 block of Rice in reference to a failure to stop and give information accident that occurred in the 2500 block of Amherst. Dispatchers advised that the victim law saw the vehicle in the 3700 block of Elmora, in Southside Place. Officers were not able to locate the vehicle.

A similar case happened the next day, Monday, December 15, at 6:3 a.m. in the 6500 block of Mercer. An unknown driver struck another vehicle and did not leave any contact information.

Also on Monday, a resident of the 2700 block of Carolina Way called police to report a burglary. The victim stated that an unknown person had illegally entered his detached garage and stolen a mountain bike.

On Wednesday, December 17, a West U officer met with a resident of the 2600 block of Talbot about a case of identity theft. The victim reported receiving a call from a bank, reporting that someone had attempted to open a bank account with the victim’s personal information.

Also on Wednesday, an officer responded to a possible burglary of a motor vehicle in the 3700 block of Plumb. The victim’s vehicle had never been entered, but the driver’s side window had been smashed and shattered. The case was listed as criminal mischief.

At 9:02 p.m. on December 17, a West U officer went to the 6700 block of West Point for a report of a suspicious vehicle. The person who reported the vehicle told police that the driver had “almost hit” the West U Rec Center sign with his vehicle. When the officer arrived, the driver and the vehicle were still on location. The driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The driver was transported and booked into the West U Jail.

On Thursday, an officer went to the 3700 block of Nottingham in response to the burglary of a motor vehicle. The officer met with the victim(s) who stated that sometime

between 5:30 pm on Wednesday and 10:40 am on Thursday, an unknown person broke the passenger side front window of their vehicle and removed the cd cassette case without her consent. The officer gathered all the information for the report and provided the victim with a case number.