West U Police Investigate Burglaries, ID thefts

September 22, 2014

West U Police last week investigated two residential burglaries, one burglary of a home under construction, two motor vehicle burglaries, four cases of identity theft and one strange phone call.
On September 12, an officer was dispatched to the 3800 block of University in reference to a police information report. Upon arrival the officer met with the complainant, who advised that on September 10, he had received a phone call at 2:34 p.m. The complainant checked his Caller ID and saw his name and phone number as the caller. The complainant answered the phone and listened, but the line was silent. After a short time, a recording stated, “if you like to make a call, hang up and…” At this time the complainant has not suffered any loss. A police information report was generated.
West U police are investigating the theft of a bicycle from a garage in the 3000 block of Quenby, which happened on September 13. The victim reported to police on September 14 that unknown person(s) had taken his bicycle from his unsecured, attached garage sometime during the night hours without his consent.
Another residential burglary occurred on September 17, in the 3100 block of Quenby. The complainant told police that when she drove into her driveway at about 9:30 a.m., she observed the back door fully open, and one of the back door window panels broken. It was discovered that several items were stolen. Information and evidence was gathered and an offense report was generated.
On September 16, West U police were called to a home under construction in the 5300 block of Community, where a contractor reported that a wine fridge he had installed on September 15 had been stolen.
West U police responded to a burglary of a motor vehicle on September 14, after the victim noticed that his car had been rummaged through sometime during the previous night. The victim said an IPod was missing from the vehicle.
Another motor vehicle burglary happened on September 16, in the 2700 block of W. Holcombe. Police found that someone had shattered the driver-side windows of a vehicle that had been parked behind the condos.
West U police last week investigated four cases of identity theft. The cases included one report, filed at the West U Police Department, from a woman who stated that an unknown person had filed a federal tax return with her personal information. Another case, also reported at the Police Department, involved two suspects who had apparently opened two credit card accounts in the victim’s name, and made charges totaling $38,502.19.
West U police also are investigating a case of identity theft reported by a resident of the 6600 block of Westchester, who learned that unknown persons had used his personal information to open three different cell phone accounts.
The fourth case of identity theft, reported at the police department, involved a West U resident who said that someone had used his personal information to establish a PayPal account to purchase a computer.
On September 17, a resident went to the police department to report that his Indian Visa was missing. An officer collected information and generated a report.
On September 13, a West U police officer noticed “a subject in disheveled dress clothes” walking on the sidewalk in the 6300 block of Buffalo Speedway. The office stopped, and the subject walked up to the police car “asking for a cab.” The officer said that it “appeared” that the subject was intoxicated. The subject, who was in possession of “a small marijuana cigarette and rolling papers,” was arrested for public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia.
On September 19, a West U police officer patrolling in the 5400 block of Kirby and observed an illegal car parked in the 2600 block of Albans. Upon further investigation, an intoxicated subject was found inside the vehicle. The subject was booked in the West U Jail.