West U Police Arrest Two Men For Stealing Groceries, Potted Plants From Randall’s

April 21, 2010

West U police arrested two men on April 14 for stealing groceries and potted plants from Randall’s grocery store and driving with expired plates in the 3900 block of Swarthmore.

Sean Sutton, 39, was arrested for driving without a license and driving without insurance. His passenger, Timothy Wood, 43, was arrested by the Houston Police Department for using a check that belonged to someone else to pay for groceries and stealing two potted plants from Randall’s, said West U Lt. Charlie Deily.

Houston police arrested Wood because Randall’s, located by Wesleyan and Bissonnet, is in their jurisdiction.

“They were acting very suspicious when they were pulled over,” Deily said.

When police pulled Sutton and Wood over they noticed bags of groceries from Randall’s in the back seat.  Sutton and Wood admitted to stealing the groceries and plants from Randall’s. When the officer asked Wood for identification he presented him with a prison ID card, Deily said.

Both Sutton and Wood have a criminal record.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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