West U. Personal Trainer Wins State Figure Competition

September 18, 2008

Months of dedicated training paid off royally for West University resident Kathy Laucius, who recently won first place at a state figure competition held in Austin.

Laucius, a personal trainer at the Weekley YMCA, took her fitness to what she refers to as “the next level” when she embarked on a journey in early-2008 to reshape her body for an on-stage competition. When asked if the science of training for a figure competition was challenging for an already-fit athlete, Laucius equates it to a recreational runner deciding to compete in a marathon in just three months.

Under the guidance of a trainer who specializes in bodybuilding and figure competitions, Laucius weight trained five times a week and also performed high-level cardiovascular training at least 30 minutes every day, oftentimes more. She kept a diet of fruits, leafy green vegetables, lean protein sources, whole grains and ample hydration. Stricken from her meal plan were sugar, flour, high-fat proteins and alcohol. This body-centric program positioned Laucius to participate in four competitions in a single year, double the average of most serious competitors.

“Training my body for competition has been a personal dream for several years,” said Laucius. After being encouraged several years ago by a personal trainer where she worked out, Laucius latched on to a fitness program that helped her shed ‘those last ten pounds,’ and she realized that regular exercise and healthy eating had significantly improved her quality of life.

Laucius became a personal trainer and is certified with the American Council on Exercise and the National Association of Sports Medicine. She is also employed at the Weekly YMCA.

With her recent win at the state figure competition, Laucius qualified to compete on the national level over a two-year timeframe. She is also continuing her daily workouts in preparation for the last competition of the year to be held on her Houston home turf in November by focusing on the muscle symmetry, proper stance and overall presentation that judges will be scrutinizing in the four mandatory poses.

Laucius says her recent win and forward focus are only possible because of the ongoing support of her husband Tom, an attorney, and her two elementary-school children, Robbie and Addie. Collectively, the family has its eye on Laucius’ ultimate prize: a national win and pro card.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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