West U Opposes Weslayan Bus Plan

August 12, 2014

The West U City Council on Monday unanimously approved a resolution asking the Metropolitan Transit Authority to “strongly consider another route other than” Weslayan St., as part of its new transit system plan.

METRO’s Transit System Reimagined plan includes a propose Weslayan Route #48 that would carry bus riders through West U, on Weslayan between Bellaire Blvd. and Bissonnet.

West U residents had strongly urged the council to oppose the METRO plan.

City Council Dick Yehle said Monday that the resolution reflects the opposition of the city’s residents.

The lengthy resolution, and a letter from Mayor Bob Fry, will be sent to the METRO Board of Directors Thursday.

The resolution contains a number of “Whereas” clauses that list the reasons West U doesn’t want a bus route on Weslayan. Those include:

* Weslayan does not possess dedicated turn lanes save and except limited lanes at its

intersection with Bissonnet and Bellaire Boulevard;

*Any vehicular movement around a stationary vehicle would require a movement

into an oncoming and opposing lane of traffic;

*This area contain two safe crossings for West U Elementary school children; as well

as middle school children travels to Pershing Middle School;

*Bus traffic during these times would limit the visibility of these pedestrian children by

operators of other motor vehicles;

*Bus traffic would be at approximately 15 minute intervals;

*Numerous residents gain ingress and egress from their property via garages fronting


*A situation of traffic congestion would result with this volume of bus traffic; and this slowing of traffic flow would result in “cut-through” detoured traffic onto (other) local

parallel streets within West U, and these impacted local streets are also pedestrian paths for the above mentioned school children; as well as paths for pedestrian traffic for several parks and recreational venues such as the West U Recreation Center and Colonial Park and Pool.”

The resolution concludes that the city “respectfully requests Metro’s reconsideration of other seemingly more suitable roadway and established bus routes through West University Place.”