West U Neighborhood Watch: Neighbors Helping Neighbor

January 8, 2012

The West University Place Police  Department believes that organized  neighbors make safer neighborhoods. Neighbors of all ages and  back¬grounds can prevent crime and make their neighborhoods safer when  they are looking out for each other’s  families and property in a systematic and sustained way. The police  department is committed to working  together with our great community  to build a safe, healthy neighborhood that is prepared to respond. The  Neighborhood Watch program provides  a tremendous opportunity for the police  and community to develop meaningful  partnerships that will help accomplish  this goal.

This program supports the department’s  policing strategy—policing for prevention—which works to prevent crime  through problem-solving part¬nerships  among community, police and other  city agencies. Neighborhood Watch  strengthens important community  relationships through education while  mitigating the risk of crimes of opportunity, including burglary and thefts from  parked autos, among others.

Residents must also be prepared for  the possibility of a natural disaster  or emergency. In addition to crime  prevention, Neighborhood Watch  helps support the city’s emergency  preparedness and response efforts.  The organization effort to set up a  Neighborhood Watch team can assist  you and your neighbors in developing  emergency plans that could save lives  and assist first responder agencies in  providing immediate relief. Organizing  a Neighborhood Watch can strengthen  your community as a whole. Visit  www.westutx.gov/neighborhood-watch for more information.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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