West U. Man Caught Drawing Obscene Images On Cars

November 19, 2009

A West U. resident in the 3700 block of Arnold Street was arrested on Nov. 11 after police caught him drawing obscene images on multiple vehicles with a marker. Police contacted the vehicle owners, and all agreed to file charges on the man. He was taken to the West University Place Jail.

West U. police busted two people in a black Ford Mustang on Nov. 11 for speeding. The passenger was arrested for having more than two ounces of marijuana, and police arrested the driver for driving with an expired license and inspection sticker.

A resident called police on Nov. 10 to report that a family member was yelling and “tearing the house up,” according to the police report. Police found that no physical contact had occurred, and they convinced one of the people to leave the house for the day.

A handful of traffic stops last week lead to people being arrested for a variety of offenses:

  • On Nov. 8, police arrested a woman after pulling her over for driving with no headlights. She initially gave the officer her mother’s name and identifying information, but later she recanted and gave police her real identity. She was arrested on five outstanding warrants and charged with failure to identify as a fugitive from justice.
  • On Nov. 11 an officer pulled over a pickup truck because its license plate light wasn’t working. Police arrested the driver for driving with no license or insurance, and arrested the passenger for four outstanding warrants.
  • On Nov. 12 an officer saw a car speeding in the 6300 block of Buffalo Speedway, pulled the car over, and ended up arresting the driver because he didn’t have a license or insurance. The same exact thing happened to another driver that day in the 4200 block of Bissonnet Street.
  • On Nov. 13 an officer pulled over a car because its tags were expired. The driver was arrested because he didn’t have a license or insurance.

Several residents reported that people had made unauthorized purchases with their accounts:

  • On Nov. 9 a resident visited the West U. Police Station to report that someone made charges on her debit card.
  • On Nov. 11 another resident reported credit card abuse — Someone ordered items online using the card.
  • On Nov. 11 an officer visited a resident’s home because she reported someone cashed several fictitious checks using her checking account.

Other incidents reported last week include:

  • On Nov. 9, police took a man to Ben Taub General Hospital for evaluation after finding him in the Randall’s parking lot talking to himself and “exhibiting signs of mental illness,” according to the police report.
  • On Nov. 9 a resident visited the police station to report that someone broke into his car and stole his property.
  • On Nov. 12, police met with a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to pick up a man who had outstanding traffic warrants in West U.
  • On Nov. 13 police went to the 4000 block of Tennyson Street because a person had died of natural causes.
  • On Nov. 13 a resident reported someone had stolen items from her home.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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